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Muriel Laverty: A plea to the president: Don’t do it

To the editor:

To war or not to war? Please, Mr. President, do not get involved in any more wars in the Middle East.

We do not belong there. We as a nation are warm, kind people who are eager to help but tend to stick our nose where it does not belong. We seem to think we have all the answers and want to tell other nations what to do.

I do think that there are times to fight, but this is not one of them. Please do not use the excuse that “this would be in our nation’s best interest” or “national security” or “saving the children of Syria.”

We know that this is hollow — it sounds great, but is not reality. The real reason for getting into the Middle East in the first place was to protect the flow of oil and because we have in place a big war machine and private contracting companies that feast on guns and war.

No more minding the business of other countries. We need to take care of ourselves for a change. Maybe our problems are so huge that the powerful create diversions to keep us from noticing.

I predict that there will be photos of dead Syrians from our bombs, Russian warships beside ours in the Middle East, our weapons in the hands of Islamic extremists, boots on the ground in Syria (that includes private contractors), a renewal of the draft for our young people and a huge spike in oil prices, which will make a few of the rich, richer.

Where is the upside to this war?

Muriel Laverty


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