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Easthampton business scammed out of $831

He told police that the woman called the day before and said his business’s bill wasn’t paid in full and the power would be shut off if he didn’t immediately pay the balance. He used a MoneyPak prepaid card to give her access to $831, Sgt. Bruce Nicol said.

The next day the alleged victim called WMECO and found out the call the previous day was not from the company.

Nicol said police are still investigating the incident. They haven’t received any similar reports from Easthampton businesses, he said.

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I'm tending to agree with June since the victim is a businessman not a confused elder who sent money to his nephew stranded overseas or had his driveway costed eith the "left over asphalt from a near by job."

Well the First Amendment certainly gives you both the right to judge without actually having been there. Enjoy.

I'm just curious to know who fell for such a stupid scam!

Many scammers are very clever and adept at "market" research to identify those most likely to take their bait. None of us is 100% immune. Be careful that you don't find yourself in a similar unfortunate situation only to be judged by another mean-spirited stranger who would be "curious" to know who you are.

this is a pretty rotten comment. why not have a little compassion?

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