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B.J. Fine: Self-serving, pseudo intellectual discourse

To the editor:

The guest column by Gregory Clay on the Zimmerman/Martin case was nothing more that a self-serving, pseudo-intellectual discourse designed to show the writer’s supposed erudition.

It fails despite the syllogisms, premises and “logical” conclusions presented by Clay.

I have one question to ask him based on his final statements. Mr. Clay, you said: “It is not always about right and wrong.

It’s about what the reality of a situation may be and adapting to the circumstances to make sure you don’t find yourself in a world of trouble.” How quaint.

Question: From your lengthy discourse, you have arrived at the above conclusion. If you are consistent with your argument and were addressing black slaves in pre-Civil War times, you presumably would have given them the same advice, wouldn’t you? That’s the crux of this entire black/white problem which still persists so many years after slavery was abolished.

“Obey ‘Massa’. Don’ make no eye contact wit white folk,

do what yer tole, n’ don’ be too uppity,

cower when threatened, mine yer own business

or you’ll fine yerself in a world a trouble.”

The wearing of hoodies is a symptom, not a cause.

Black slums, Black kids being deprived of good educations,

Black folks being covertly considered inferior...

They’re all symptoms not causes.

The cause is ‘Massa’. ‘Massa’ still persists;

he’s not “buried in the cold, cold ground....” Yet.

B.J. Fine



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