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Nancy Natale: Shocked that Gazette would publish column

To the editor:

I thought I had picked up The Republican instead of The Gazette when I saw your Opinion page Wednesday. Between the editorial cartoon and the guest column headed “Zimmerman jury delivered correct verdict,” I was shocked that your paper would publish such biased nonsense.

And then the quote that “advised black males to adjust and adapt” by taking off their hoodies. This is blaming the victim in the worst way. It’s akin to saying that women cause rape by wearing short skirts.

There are so many obvious distortions and racist assumptions in that guest column that I couldn’t begin to list them. I fail to understand what publishing something like this does for your readership. Is this supposed to enlighten and inform us? Or did you include it to inflame those who think that the verdict for Zimmerman was anything but just?

I am disappointed that you ran this column that purports to be controverting racism when it perpetuates racist views. Citing statistics about crime in African American communities says nothing about the Zimmerman-Martin confrontation and fails to address the frequency with which young black men are singled out by police and “neighborhood-watchers” just because of their skin color.

Their dress has little to do with their automatic targeting as criminals or suspicious persons. Rambling on with supposed “arguments” about race to dispute racial profiling has nothing to do with what happened on that dark night when Zimmerman got out of his car against orders from the police and killed an unarmed teenager.

Nancy Natale



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