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Nick Baskin: Who needs facts in argument against PVPA play?

To the editor:

I was pleased to see the letter (“Academy performance no cause for celebration,” Gazette, March 21) concerning “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” and am writing to amplify some of the points the letter-writer raised. He was right to point out the unnaturalness of homosexual relationships; as Americans, we must always reject unnatural things like cars, eyeglasses and polyester. Some might try to counter that homosexual behavior has been observed in upwards of 1,000 animal species, but this is clearly only an indication of the catastrophic influence of human sinfulness on the world.

The writer does well to imply that we hew to Biblical family models (like Solomon with his 700 wives or Lot with his two daughters) lest children come to harm. The American Psychological Association may have studies claiming to show that children in homosexual households develop just as healthily as children in heterosexual ones, but why should we trust experts with years of training and actual evidence over our gut intuitions and the word of God? Far better that children remain in our entirely flawless foster care system than that they wind up in a loving, committed household headed by parents of the same sex or gender.

But the true effect on our youth is even more direct: By putting on shows like this, the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School normalizes homosexuality and provides role models for young people who might be confused about their own sexuality. If this continues, gay and lesbian teenagers might come to accept their sexuality and become healthy, well-adjusted individuals leading happy, fulfilling lives instead of living out their days in doubt, self-loathing and despair.

Nick Baskin


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