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Silence on gun control issue ‘inexcusable’

To the editor:

I support responsible hunting, especially where deer and other species have out-populated their resources, or where the hunters make use of their game. I listen to National Rifle Association members and value their safety courses. Although handguns are too often misused through accident, suicide, theft or rage, I can at least understand why a family might own one — especially in high-crime areas where the police are spread too thinly or where corruption prevails.

But outside of the military, assault weapons have no place in a civilized society. They (and their high capacity magazines) have nothing to do with hunting. Many of my acquaintances who hunt and/or who are NRA members quietly agree. So, what to do?

NRA members, please take back your organization from the present leadership. They have squandered your money on Congressional campaigns and “sell-more-guns” propaganda while giving you fear in return. We do not want to take away your guns. We all want a common-sense approach.

Hunters, you have great support, even among gun control activists. Please join responsible hunting organizations. We need your voice most of all.

These days, however, my greatest disappointment is with those of us who support responsible gun control. We need look no further than the mirror. Whatever else you may think of the NRA, it puts us to shame in both organization and guts. Don’t let your numbing, inexcusable silence be the greatest sales pitch for the worst of weapons. Contact your representatives in Congress. Now. There is little time to lose. Speak up. Research and join an organization. Act now — always listen — but get off that couch and act.

Be it for love of God, be it for love of humanity or be it simply to honor the memory of those precious children and their families, let us ban the sale of assault weapons.

Chuck Horn


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