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Americans must wake up to price of Obama’s policies

To the editor:

Conservatives are at a temporary disadvantage right now. When Americans realize that all these goodies are being paid for on the backs of the next generation, I have to believe they will care about the outrageous climbing debt and all the unemployed who are depending on government now because of Obama’s policies, which are intentionally fundamentally changing our country.

The media is corrupt and in the tank with Obama. They don’t even care about Benghazi or Algeria and how the terrorists have become emboldened by the uncaring attitude of Obama and his puppets. I pray Americans wake up and pay attention — but not to the media.

Jane Michaelson


Legacy Comments2

Yes, right you are Jane and Gary. Everything's Obama's fault! And is this escalation of the national debt over the past 10 or 12 years in any way connected to those two wars we started? Who's idea was all of that? Think hard now...

Obama's share of the national debt is going to be 14 trillion dollars at the end of his second term. That is $42,000 per person in additional debt for every man, woman and child in the country. Total unfunded government liabilities (federal+state+local) are appx one million dollars per taxpayer. How are any of us going to pay it? Democrats - wake up - the rosy future is gone! We owe much of this debt to oil rich countries in the middle east who sponsor Islamic terrorists and alot to the communists in China. The progressives are living with their heads in the sand if they can't see the disaster thats just around the corner. There will be no social security. There will be no medicare. Their will be no money for education. The money has all been squandered by Obozo and the radical left socialists/progressives in the Democratic party.

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