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High school wrestling: Northampton wins two Saturday

The Northampton wrestling team came away with two victories Saturday.

The Blue Devils beat Cathedral 42-26 and dropped Frontier Regional 52-30.

Against Cathedral, Hamp’s Nye Winston-Corradino pinned Carlo Nascembeni at 160 pounds, while Harrison Tremaine pinned Vachaen Seymour at 220.

Against Frontier, Northampton’s Kyle O’Connell (113), Drew Scheinost (145), Kyle Cote-Houghton (152) and Alex Smith-Bove (195) earned pins.

Frontier’s Pat McGraneghan (120), Jake Arnold (138) and Saul Soto (170) also earned pins.

At the Dean Tech Knight Hawk tournament Sunday, Tremaine (220) and Nick Day (285) each took first place, while Cote-Houghton (145), Smith-Bova (182) and Andre Barnes (285) took second place.

Northampton 52, Frontier 30

106–Ben McGraneghan (F) won by forfeit; 113–Kyle O’Connell (N) pinned Connor Hamilton, 5:36; 120–Pat McGraneghan (F) pinned Dustin Ackerman, 2:56; 126–Michael Rodriguez (N) def. Spencer Telega, 19-3; 132–Olivia Baronas (F) won by forfeit; 138–Jake Arnold (F) pinned Andy Tacy, :32; 145–Drew Scheinost (N) pinned Andrew Lankarge, 2:42; 152–Kyle Cote-Houghton (N) pinned Kirby Compton-Birch, 3:44; 160–Nye Winston-Corradino (N) won by forfeit; 170–Saul Soto (F) pinned Mark Grabiec, 1:36; 182–Miles Johnson (N) won by forfeit; 195–Alex Smith-Bove (N) pinned Chris Toomey, 1:34; 220–Harrison Tremaine (N) def. Ryan Chapdelaine, 16-0; 285–Nick Day (N) won by forfeit;

Northampton 42 Cathedral 26

106–Justin Le (C) def. Kyle O’Connell, 12-1; 113–Penny Tran (C) pinned Dustin Ackerman, 3:10; 120–Michael Rodriguez (N) won by forfeit; 138–Nam Pham (C) pinned Andy Tacy, 3:27; 145–Drew Scheinost (N) won by forfeit; 152–Kyle Cote-Houghton (N) won by forfeit; 160–Nye Winston-Corradino (N) pinned Carlo Nascembeni, 5:36; 170–Robert Duffy (C) pinned Mark Grabiec, 3:03; 182–Ben Roberts (C) def. Alex Smith-Bove, 10-2; 195–Ben O’Conner (N) won by forfeit; 220–Harrison Tremaine (N) pinned Vachaen Seymour, 0:47; 285–Nick Day (N) won by forfeit;

Granby 48, Southwick 36

106–Eddie Martinez (S) pinned Damien Eisnor-Janosz, 0:12; 113–Victor Magalhaes (G) pinned Jake Stathers, 1:18; 120–Colin Mick (G) pinned Joe Merchant, 1:56; 126–Gabriel DeGray (S) pinned Clayton Yanosky, 4:56; 132–Tyler Dittrich (S) pinned Austin Buzzard, 2:45; 138–Shane O’Connor (G) pinned Matt Healey, 0:45; 145–Nick Roberts (G) pinned Travis Pirello, 1:30; 152–Ben Rideout (G) pinned Brennan Duncan, 0:26; 160–Connor Stevens (S) pinned Hunter St George, 0:29; 170–Charlie Humphrey (G) pinned Collin Derusseaux, 1:00; 182–Nolan Hodgins (G) pinned Jake Macomber, 5:44; 195–James Cupak (G) pinned Blake Tetreault, 1:48; 220–Brayden Tingui (S) pinned Kyle Gilbert, 1:02; 285–Brett Bodzinski (S) pinned Nick Sousa, 2:23;

Granby 47, Bellows Falls (Vt.) 27

106–Damien Eisner-Janosz (G) won by forfeit; 113–Austin Viens (B) pinned Victor Magalhaes, 5:05; 120–Colin Mick (G) won by forfeit; 126–Clayton Yanosky (G) won by forfeit; 132–Steve Cerrone (B) pinned Austin Buzzard, 0:45; 138–Patrick Libuda (B) def. Shane O’Connor, 8-4; 145–Nolan Viens (B) pinned Nick Roberts, 1:44; 152–Kyle Record (B) pinned Ben Rideout, 1:27; 160–Charlie Humphrey (G) won by forfeit; 182–Nolan Hodgins (G) def. Shane Brown, 22-6; 195–James Cupak (G) pinned Chris Earle, 3:28; 220–Kyle Gilbert (G) won by forfeit; 285–Dao Phutnduorgsa (G) won by forfeit;

Granby 60, Pioneer Valley 23

106–Damien Eisner-Janosz (G) won by forfeit; 113–Victor Magalhaes (G) won by forfeit; 120–Colin Mick (G) pinned Kade Perrotti, 1:46; 126–Clayton Yanosky (G) won by forfeit; 132–Hayden Manson (P) def. Austin Buzzard, 18-2; 138–Shane O’Connor (G) won by forfeit; 145–Adam LeBlanc (P) pinned Tyler Dudek, 2:36; 152–Hunter St George (G) pinned Spencer Ross, 0:28; 160–Lucas Rathburn (P) pinned Charlie Humphrey, 0:47; 170–Nolan Hodgins (G) won by forfeit; 182–Philip Peduzzi (P) won by forfeit; 195–James Cupak (G) won by forfeit; 220–Kyle Gilbert (G) pinned Adrian Wilson, 1:56; 285–Dao Phutnduorgsa (G) won by forfeit;

Minnechaug 45, Granby 30

106–Riley Jacobson (M) pinned Damien Eisner-Janosz, 0:29; 113–Mike Lemoine (M) def. Victor Magalhaes, 14-11; 120–Colin Mick (G) pinned Tim Garvey, 0:43; 126–Anthony Monteiro (M) pinned Clayton Yanosky, 0:31; 132–Nick Arroyo (M) pinned Austin Buzzard, 0:18; 138–Jordan Paul (M) pinned Shane O’Connor, 1:38; 145–Cam Senentez (M) pinned Tyler Dudek, 1:36; 152–Ben Rideout (G) pinned Austin Kirby, 1:35; 160–Charlie Humphrey (G) pinned Sean Baker, 0:38; 170–Nolan Hodgins (G) won by forfeit; 195–James Cupak (G) won by forfeit; 220–Demetri Strange (M) pinned Kyle Gilbert, 0:10; 285–Mark Kukulku (M) pinned Dao Phutnduorgsa, 0:42;

Franklin Tech 60, Granby 21

106–Pat Lashway (F) pinned Damien Eisner-Janosz, 1:12; 113–Victor Magalhaes (G) def. Tyler Rock, 14-9; 120–Josh Lacosse (F) pinned Colin Mick, 0:43; 126–Cody Brunelle (F) pinned Clayton Yanosky, 3:00; 132–Brett Beane (F) pinned Austin Buzzard, 1:52; 138–David Weed (F) pinned Shane O’Connor, 1:41; 145–Gabe Stafford (F) pinned Tyler Dudek, 1:39; 152–Kyle Laffey (F) pinned Ben Rideout, 0:51; 160–Charlie Humphrey (G) pinned Tim Momaney, 0:42; 170–Nolan Hodgins (G) won by forfeit; 182–Gabe Vorce (F) won by forfeit ; 195–James Cupak (G) pinned Kane Rich, 1:29; 220–Jonothan Rawls (F) pinned Kyle Gilbert, 1:32; 285–Alex Milton (F) pinned Dao Phutnduorgsa, 1:07;

Hampshire 48, Southwick 36

106–Eddie Martinez (S) pinned Hunter Laurin, :37 ; 113–Nick Hoskin (H) pinned Jake Stathers, 2:31; 120–Brendan Weir (H) pinned Joe Merchant, 1:05; 126–Gabe DeGray (S) won by forfeit; 132–Tyler Dietrich (S) pinned Mason Lollis-Taylor, 0:32; 138–Nick O’Hare (H) pinned Matt Healy, 1:32; 145–Jacob Gray (H) pinned Travis Burrello, 0:45; 152–Brandon Weyant (H) pinned Brennan Duncan, 1:11; 160–David Labrie (H) pinned Connor Stevens, 3:01; 170–Frankie Weir (H) pinned Jacob Macomer, 1:12; 182–Colin Derusseau (S) won by forfeit; 195–Blake Tetrault (S) pinned Jeremy Kaulback, 0:57; 220–John Lachowicz (H) pinned Broyden Tingley, 3:49; 285–Brett Bodzinski (S) won by forfeit;

Minnechaug 55, Hampshire 16

106–Riley Jackson (M) pinned D.J. Willard, 3:02; 113–Mike Lemoine (M) def. Nick Hoskin, 8-7; 120–Dean Girtwell (M) won by forfeit; 126–Brendan Weir (H) def. Anthony Montiero, 11-3; 132–Nick Arroyo (M) pinned Mason Lollis-Taylor, 0:15; 145–Austin Kirby (M) def. Jacob Gray, 11-2; 152–Cameron Servantez (M) pinned Brandon Weyant, 4:57; 160–Sean Baker (M) pinned David Labrie, 3:19; 170–Frankie Weir (H) won by forfeit; 195–Jeremy Kaulback (H) pinned Sean Lee, 0:43; 220–Demetri Strange (M) pinned John Lachowicz, 1:49; 285–Mark Kukulka (M) pinned Matt Carrier, 1:34;

Hampshire 63, Athol 9

106–Hunter Laurin (H) pinned Ryan White, 2:57; 113–Nick Hoskin (H) pinned Merrick Decker, 2:59; 120–Brendan Weir (H) pinned Trevor Carrey, 2:49; 132–Mason Lollis-Taylor (H) pinned Hudson Carlson, 3:20; 145–Jacob Gray (H) pinned Ryan Hurlbert, 1:51; 152–Brandon Weyant (H) won by forfeit; 160–David Labrie (H) pinned Mike Kennift, 2:28; 170–Frankie Weir (H) def. Tom LaRose, 7-4; 182–Lorenzo Carra (A) won by forfeit; 195–Jeremy Kaulback (H) pinned Keith Gelinas, 3:32; 220–Christian Currier (A) def. John Lachowicz, 6-3; 285–Matt Carrier (H) pinned Kineade Stafford, 0:46

Bellows Falls (Vt.) 36, Belchertown 30

113 — Austin Viens (BF) won by forfeit; 120 — Troy Doming (B) won by forfeit; 132 — Steve Cerdone (BF) pinned Casey Beaudry, 1:17; 138 — Patrick Libodia (BF) pinned Max Kos, 1:10; 145 — Nolan Viens (BF) pinned Charlie Merrick, 1:51; 152 — Kyle Record (BF) pinned Ben Fisher, 2:48; 160 — Nick Fisher (B) won by forfeit; 170 — Calib Holmes (B) won by forfeit; 182 — Daytona Barrows (B) pinned Shane Brown, :45; 195 — Chris Earle (BF) won by forfeit; 220 — Kyle Fuller (B) won by forfeit

Belchertown 42, Athol 24

106 — Ryan White (A) won by forfeit; 113 — Merrick Decker (A) won by forfeit; 120 — Troy Doming (B) pinned Trevor Carey, 4:24; 132 — Casey Beaudry (B) pinned Hudson Carlson, :26; 138 — Max Kos (B) pinned Elizzer Caston, 1:22; 145 — Charlie Merrick (B) pinned Ryan Hulbert, 1:45; 152 — Ben Fisher (B) won by forfeit; 160 — Nick Fisher (N) pinned Mike Keniff, 2:38; 170 — Tom Larose (A) pinned Calib Holmes, :46; 182 — Daytona Barrows (B) pinned Keith Gelinas, 4:20; 195 — Nick Sharp (A) won by forfeit; 220 — Christian Currier (A) pinned Kyle Fuller, :53; 285 — Kenkaid Stafford (A) won by forfeit

Minnechaug 33, Belchertown 24

120 — Troy Doming (B) won by forfeit; 126 — Anthony Montero (M) won by forfeit; 132 — Nick Arroyo (M) def. Casey Beaudry, 18-1; 138 — Jordan Paul (M) pinned Max Kos, 2:31; 145 — Cam Serenton (M) pinned Charlie Merrick, 1:32; 152 — Austin Kirby (M) def. Ben Fisher, 14-1; 160 — Nick Fisher (B) pinned Sean Baker, 2:54; 170 — Calib Holmes (B) won by forfeit; 182 — Daytona Barrows (B) won by forfeit; 220 — Demetri Strange (M) pinned Kyle Fuller, :37;

Belchertown 30, Pioneer Regional 24

120 — Troy Doming (B) pinned Kudi Perrotti, 1:52; 132 — Hayden Munson (P) pinned Casey Beaudry, 2:26; 138 — Adam Lablanc (P) pinned Max Kos, 2:20; 145 — Charlie Merrick (B) pinned Caileb Milton, 1:46; 152 — Ben Fisher (B) pinned Spencer Ross, :38; 160 — Lukas Ruthbun (P) pinned Nick Fisher, :27; 170 — Calib Holmes (B) won by forfeit; 182 — Phillip Peduzzi (P) pinned Daytona Barrows, 1:29; 220 — Kyle Fuller (B) pinned Adrian Wilson, :52

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