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1 What are most rural parts of Ashfield, along with other Hilltowns, still waiting for that they had thought they would be getting a year ago?

(a) A Starbucks branch.

(b) Paved roads.

(c) Electricity.

(d) High-speed Internet.

2 Several members of the Northampton City Council reversed positions and voted this week to allocate money to what project?

a) A wintertime snack bar on the rail trail.

(b) Shrink-wrapping the defunct, but tantalizingly historic, Shaw’s Motel.

(c) The restoration of a cast-iron fountain to the grounds of the former Northampton State Hospital.

(d) Tax rebates.

3 What famous person did NASA name a moon crash site in honor of?

(a) The late comic Andy Kaufman.

(b) The fictional bus driver Ralph Kramden.

(c) “The Man in the “...”

(d) Astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, who died earlier this year.

4 In a difficult week for elementary education, how did staff members of the Bridge Street School in Northampton assist with an assembly?

(a) They walked students home later.

(b) They passed around a sympathy card for the people of Newtown, Conn.

(c) They gyrated while singing to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.”

(d) They agreed never to do that again.

5 What are they doing in California these days that hasn’t been done in more than 50 years?

(a) Building houses on seaside cliffs.

(b) Wearing long pants outdoors because of global cooling.

(c) Voting Republican in local elections.

(d) Large-scale mining for gold.

6 Why are two members of Easthampton municipal boards leaving, or planning to leave, their posts?

(a) To spend more time with their families.

(b) To spend less time with their neighbors.

(c) To avoid appearing on Easthampton Community Access Television programming.

(d) To watch proceedings on Easthampton Community Access Television.

7 The latest UMass survey on student drinking revealed that ...

(a) ... more students now prefer a nice pinot noir to Cabernet Sauvignon.

(b) ... more students are heading to off-campus parties to consume alcohol.

(c) ... student drinking? We’re shocked! I say, shocked!

(d) ... binge drinking continues to decline.

8 A commissioned portrait of former Northampton Mayor James Cahillane now hanging in the current mayor’s office includes a likeness of what famous person?

(a) Ike

(b) LBJ

(c) JFK

(d) Abe

9 What is the latest proposal by a developer for Village Hill Northampton?

(a) A recreational park full of freshly mown grass.

(b) A casino/hotel/theme park/spa complex, tastefully done.

(c) A Starbucks.

(d) A 44-room, upscale hotel.

10 A public forum Jan. 30 will explore what aspect of Route 66?

(a) Midnight dumping.

(b) Designation as a commuter parking lot.

(c) Speed limits.

(d) A proposed name change (LaBarge Lane).

Answers: 1-d; 2-c; 3-d; 4-c; 5-d; 6-c; 7-b and d; 8-c; 9-d; 1-c

Monte’s answer: a

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