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‘Entitlement’ wrong word for governmental services

To the editor:

Use of the term “entitlement programs” is an oxymoron and primarily used to disparage those who are poor, infirmed, or in need. The only entitlement programs that I know of are for the rich. The current tax rates favor the rich, and especially the super-rich. The rich, and all the rich in Congress who depend on the super-rich to fund them, believe they are “entitled” to pay a tax rate equal to their maids and servants. They feel entitled to pay only a 15 percent tax rate on their investment dividends and capital gains, parking loads of their money out of the country so it won’t even be taxed.

I am sick of their entitlement mentality, and it’s way overdue for us to end their free ride at the taxpayer’s expense.

Let us fall off the fiscal curb if we must, but the rich need to pay their fare share. It is very interesting that a super-rich politician, George W. Bush, pushed for the current rates. I wonder how much money he’s made from this entitlement.

Margaret Kierstein


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