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Election results ‘disastrous’ for most Americans

To the editor:

William F. Buckley used to love to quip, “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.” I don’t think there is any man, before or since, who has been more able to make his eyes twinkle so dazzlingly — at will — to emphasize a point.

In any event, his meaning went over my head for the longest time. Now, with the advent of professor Elizabeth Warren and professor Barack Obama, Buckley’s thought experiment may have its empirical day. I hope that I am absolutely wrong, but I fear that Nov. 6’s election results will prove disastrous to most Americans.

Do even the most ardent Obama/Warren supporters, in their heart of hearts, actually think that the well-meaning professors are remotely capable of advancing measures that will move a dead economy forward, reduce excruciating unemployment, stem capital flight, deal with astronomical debt or staunch the inexorable rise of trickle-up poverty, which affects every one of us? In four years, I would, with relish, eat my shorts in the town square if any of these indicators are better.

For me, though, the wonderful, wonderful silver lining of the results is the absolutely deafening, hissing sound of the deflation of tiresome leftist histrionic and spurious arguments. Ms. Warren: the system is apparently not “rigged.” You won.

Columnist Jonathan Klate, your dire, overwrought caterwauling about the end of democracy (“Our grim election landscape,” Nov. 5) should not be taken seriously. The local bumper-sticker intelligentsia, Warren and Klate, et al., will desperately cling to these beloved passe poses forever. It’s over, though. Don’t buy it ... it is merely a product of their “heat oppress’d brain” as good ol’ Macbeth used to love to say.

David Zimicki


Legacy Comments3

As Deputy has pointed out, your only tool is name calling. A couple of weeks ago in your previous letter, you described Obama and Warren as Marxists, proving only that you haven't the foggiest idea of what Marxism even is. This letter further demonstrates the breathtaking ignorance of the Tea Party. Keep 'em coming.

You're just a sore loser. Scott Brown didn't get anywhere using "professor" either. No one takes this kind of rant seriously when you refer to the President as professor instead of his real title. It's just another way of name calling. You just lose credibility with this kind of tact. How are those sour grapes anyways?

After working amid academics for almost thirty years, I couldn't agree with you, or Mr. Buckley, more heartily. Very well said!

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