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For the week ending November 2, 2012


WD Cowls Inc to Margaret McClamroch Flat Hills Rd Amherst, $112,500

Blair J. Maerowitz, Blair Maerowitz, Rose M. McMahan Rose Mcmahan, to Blair J. Maerowitz, Rose F. McMahan, Rose M. McMahan 28 Kingman Road Amherst, $1

Drew Realty Trust, Kathryn S. Conrad, to Jaro Roth, Patricia A. Alves, 50 Meadow St. Amherst, $135,000

Mariko Yamamura, Satoshi Yamamura, to He Meng 170 East Hadley Road Amherst, $147,000

Carol C. Baker, Paul A. Baker, to Janet M. Swem, Paul E. Swem, 19 Jason Court Amherst, $342,000

Alexander W. Hiam, Deirdre Richardson, to Street LLC 98 Spring Mullen Court, 98 Spring St. Amherst, $1

Andrew L. Beall, Eileen H. Beall, to Robert N. Brooks 5 Amity Place Amherst, $282,500

Houghton W. Ingram, Judith A. Ingram, to Judith A. Ingram 169 Pine St. Amherst, $1

Amhad Development Corp, Greenleaves Retirement Community, to Janet M. Sullivan, Michael P. Sullivan, 25 Greenleaves Drive Amherst, $209,700

Andrew L. Beall, E H. Beall, Eileen H. Beall to Brian H. Sherman, Mila Getmansky Sherman, Mt Pleasant, 206 E Pleasant St., 206 East Pleasant St. Amherst, $635,000

Gary Nudelman to Nucella LLC 233 Strong St. Amherst, $100

Edward J. Sayer, Edward J. Sayer & Vearle A. Sayer Revocable Living Trust, Edward J. Sayer Vearle A Sayer, Vearle A. Sayer, to Richard Craig Albertson 85 Alpine Drive Amherst, $320,000

Amy Freed, E. Randel Realty Trust, Ellin Randel to Jochen Rau, Jennifer Rau, 120 Pulpit Hill Road, Amherst, $328,000


Lori M. Smith, Michael W. Smith, to Christopher R. Szczepanek, Erin L. Szczepanek, 25 Oakwood Dr Belchertown, $259,000

Bank Of America NA Attorney In Fact, Bank Of New York Mellon Tr, Cwabs Inc to Polymathic Properties Inc 233 Federal St. Belchertown, $94,860

Becky L. Barker, Jose R. Mena, to Dianne L. Chamberlain 180 Barton Ave. Belchertown, $225,000

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC to Margery P. Jess-Reid 111 Daniel Shays Highway Belchertown, $210,000

Alan J. Lesser, Tina J. Lesser, Tina J. Null to Alan J Lesser, Tr., Lesser Family Trust, Tina J Lesser, tr. Springfield Rd, 46-48 North Washington St. Belchertown, $1

Frank A. Bogdan, Malgorzata M. Leavenworth to Katelyne M. McMillan, Mark A Tiffany, Jr., 84 Stebbins St. Belchertown, $320,000

Graeme C. Reid, Margery P. Jess-Reid, to Darren Wilkes, Gina Wilkes, 28 Warner Road, Belchertown, $287,500


Gloria Collins, Jonathan C. Hoy, Lynn Hoy to Carrie E. Leach 272 Loudville Road Easthampton, $183,000

Carol S. Goodale, Douglas T. Goodale, to Brett D. Lindabury 254 East St. Easthampton, $179,500

B W. McMahon, Bruce W. McMahon, Jane M. Lapointe Mary A. McMahon, to Joseph Bock, Paula Garcia Franks, 7 West Greene St. Easthampton, $173,400

John L. Opatkiewicz to Steven A. Nadeau 102 Holyoke St. Easthampton, $194,000

Keith E. Hoyle to Joshua L. Paine, Judith L. Leblanc, 57 Campbell Drive, Easthampton, $236,000

Michael J. Dean, Sarah A. Dean, to Michael J. Dean 151 Ferry St. Easthampton, $1

Harold Pilskaln, Jr., Isabelle Pilskaln, to Donald W. Abel 359 Main St. Easthampton, $320,000


Paul L. Smith, Theresa D. Smith, to Jeffrey J. Smith, Kevin P. Smith, 16 Holly Court Florence, $1

Barbara L. Holland, Cynthia A. Halsey, Cynthia C. Halsey Frank W. Crowther, Frank William Crowther, Geoffrey C. Crowther, Gilbert M. Crowther to Cathleen Lepore 48 Willow St. Florence, $238,000


Jonathan P. Longo, Kim M. Longo, to Corine A. Jasinski, Peter J. Jasinski, 36 South St. Granby, $429,900

Claire D. Vermette to MBL Management LLC, Route 202, 284 East State St. Granby, $55,000

Mary Babski to Edward S. Ogrady, Tara A. Ogrady, 276 Amherst St. Granby, $291,000


George J. Kermensky, George J Kermensky Funding Trust, George J. Kermensky Kathleen Kermensky, Kathleen P. Kermensky, Kathleen P. Kermensky, to George J. Kermensky Jr, tr., J Kermensky & Kathleen P. Kermensky Irrevocable Trust, Joan K. Kermensky, tr. 132 East St. Hadley, $100

George J Kermensky, George J Kermensky Funding Trust, George J. Kermensky, Kathleen Kermensky, Kathleen P Kermensky, Kathleen P. Kermensky, to George J. Kermensky Jr, tr., J. Kermensky & Kathleen P Kermensky Irrevocable T., Joan K. Kermensky, tr. East St. Hadley, $100

173 Russell Street LLC to Valley Werks Realty LLC, 173 Russell St. Hadley, $850,000

Gretchen Oneil, Walter Hopfe Est., Walter P Hopfe to Joan M. Hopfe, Raymond M. Hopfe, 115 Honey Pot Road Hadley, $90,000

D. Josselyn Linscott to Lawrence Bernstein, Martha Bernstein, 100 Bay Rd Hadley, $425,000


Christopher J. Wickles, Christopher J. Wickles, Christopher Wickles, Thomas J. Wickles, Wickles Family Trust, to Jonathan A. Scagel, Stephanie J. Scagel, 32 Pleasant View Drive Hatfield, $437,000

Amy M. Belina, Amy M. Lavalley, William S. Belina to Amy L. Hudzik, Christopher P. Hudzik, 23 Primrose Path Hatfield, $315,000

Jonathan A. Scagel, Stephanie J. Scagel, to Amy M. Belina, William S. Belina, 16 Primrose Path Hatfield, $435,000

Arthur L. Mongeon, Arthur Mongeon, Jane L. Pease John T. Pease, to Donna M. Helems-Phaneuf, Scott N. Phaneuf, 84 Prospect St. Hatfield, $260,400

Robert A. Lawton to Darlene M. Omasta, Gregory J. Omasta, 123 North Hatfield Road, Hatfield, $440,000


Paul L. Smith, Theresa D. Smith, to Jeffrey J. Smith, Kevin P. Smith, Allen Coit Road Huntington, $1


Gatehouse Road Realty LLC to Michele D. Mastroianni 48 Evergreen Rd Leeds, $100,000


Stephanie Ormsby, Stephanie Stolk-Raymond, Guy Ormsby Waterman to Jennifer Normanly Meadow St., 48-52 Hockanum Rd Northampton, $270,000

Brenda J. Coyle, Mary L. Lastowski, to Mohammed Basal 117 North St. Northampton, $116,000

Monna Lang to Lena R. Consolini, Ryan M. Quinn, 496 Elm St. Northampton, $203,000

Janice M. Sypek to Janice M Sypek Revocable Trust, Janice M Sypek, tr., 183 Maple Ridge Rd Northampton, $1

Gregory R. Haas, Mary Jane Flahive, to Pattana Promploy 88 Bridge St. Northampton, $410,000

Nicholas J. Greco to Nicholas J Greco Living Trust Agreement, Nicholas J Greco, tr., 264 Elm St. Northampton, $1

John Singler, Jr., Rita Singler, to Diana Randall 40 State St. Northampton, $391,450

Barbara B. King to Barbara B. King Revocable Trust, Barbara B. King, tr., 99 Blackberry Lane Northampton, $1

Dorathy Ann Montonye, Dorathy Ann Montonye Family Trust, Martin G. Montonye to Timothy S. Fisher 73 Pomeroy Terrace Northampton, $223,000

Anne F. Keppler to Gary W. Goss, Minda J. Goss, 50 Arlington St. Northampton, $420,000


Carolyn B. Morse to Eileen H. Beall 79 Arnold Road, Pelham, $516,900


Elaine Sidney, Laurie Israel, to Laurie Israel 27 South Union St. Plainfield, $1

Laurie Israel to Elaine Sidney, Laurie Israel, 27 South Union St. Plainfield, $1

South Hadley

Bruno Santos, Margarida A. Santos, Virgilio P. Santos to Antonio M. Santos, Bruno G. Santos, Margarida A. Santos 20 Landers St. South Hadley, $100

Cynthia L. Strycharz to Nicholas R. Wanat 8 Ridge Road South Hadley, $156,900

Katherine J. Mullaney, Matthew J. Mullaney, to Cynthia L. Strycharz 34 Pine Hill Road South Hadley, $209,900

Debra A. Lentes, FNF Servicing Inc Attorney In Fact, Freedom Mortgage Corp J Debra A. Lentes, Justin Lentes, Loancare Attorney In Fact, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc to Mortgage Corp Freedom 61 Lamb St. South Hadley, $162,610.50

Whispering Pines At Root Road LLC to Dorothy Josselyn Linscott 162 Stonybrook Way South Hadley, $292,500

Cynthia J. Whalen, Daniel J. Whalen, to Cynthia Whalen 109 Mountainview St. South Hadley, no consideration


Joyce E. Skypeck to Lisa A. Hogan, Thomas J Hogan III, Strong Road Off Southampton, $1

Jennifer Stearns, Pete Stearns, Peter M. Stearns to Peter M. Stearns 91 Pequot Rd Southampton, no consideration

Kelly A. Wright to Denise L. Auclair County Rd North, 106 County Rd Southampton, $50,000


Norma P. Kellogg to Ann K. Braastad, H. Alan Kellogg, Jean K. O’Connor Jeffrey W. Kellogg, 12 Depot Road Williamsburg, $1

Roslyn Segal to Christina M. Trinchero 6-B North Farms Road Williamsburg, $265,000

Deborah L. Simmons to Deborah L. Simmons, Rose N. Simmons, 53 Village Hill Road Williamsburg, $1.00

Franklin County


Eleanor Lazarus by attorney, Margaret Crawford, Attorney to Eleanor Lazarus Living Trust, Eleanor Lazarus Trustee, 1452 Hawley Road, $1.


David A. Potter and Elizabeth W. Potter to Nicholas Potter, 34 & 38 Academy Hill Road, $145,000.


Patricia A. Reilly to Azure Forte, 3 Stewam Mill Road “aka” County Road, $145,000.

Kathleen E. Kruk Estate of Waltham, Paul R. Kruk to Martin Soto Aguilera and Maria Dolores Diaz Hernandez of Hadley, 3 Boron Avenue, $192,000.

Scott T. Peabody to Paul W. Allis, Marie E. Allis, and Phyllis A. Musante, 30 Sugarloaf Street, $206,000.

Edith A. Kocot, to Edith A. Kocot Revocable Trust Agreement, Edith A. Kocot, Trustee, Greenfield Road/Route 91, $1.

J. Lewis Taylor and Barbara T. Taylor to Kathleen M. Sylvester, 97 North Hillside Road, $325,000.


Victoria K. Cliche to Victoria K. Cliche and Robert Cliche, 5 Laurel Hill Drive, $1.


Alan J. Fillip of Pepperell, to Meredith H. Morrison and Jenny Miriam Morrison of Northampton, 186 Chestnut Plain Road, $300,000.

Smith College Trustees of Northampton to the Town of Whately, Poplar Hill Road, $1.

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