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Lou and Lucy's Leftovers: Keeping up with food trends

I try too keep up with food trends. I read the food sections from the Times and Globe almost every week. Maybe not word for word, but I do look it over carefully. I also, when I have time, take in cooking shows, which also keep me up to date.

Most trends just find their way into your life with little effort. Sea salt is a nice addition to food, I am more partial to kosher salt, though. Flavor-infused booze, I’m all over that one. The popularity of Greek yogurt has bloomed and that’s OK with me, I love it. Panninis are tasty once in a while, so are Krispy Kreme donuts. Quinoa is a nice replacement for rice, and it's packed with protein. And of course, buying locally grown foods. I didn’t have to jump on that bandwagon. I've been buying local for my whole buying life.

Some food trends I really don’t get, though. How about eggs on your entrées? From duck eggs to quail eggs, chefs seem to think sticking a fried egg on top of all sorts of dishes really jazzes them up. I like eggs, but mostly at breakfast and not as a decoration on my food. Seems like overkill.

I’m not a fan of foamed food, either. How about a little foamed liver pate? No thanks. Restaurant chefs also seem to love stacked food. For a while, it seemed the taller, the better. I like my plate a bit more deconstructed. I don’t like putting my fork in something just to have it fall over like the crane on NYC's West 57th Street during the hurricane.

Flinging stuff all over the plate like confetti seems to have calmed down a bit. At first I thought, "Awww ... pretty." Then I thought, "What the heck is that stuff all over my plate?"

Food trends can walk that fine line between ridiculous and sublime. But don't stop the merry-go-round. Fresh ideas and making the old new again, keep our lives interesting.

Now, how about some foamed fried eggs?

– Lucy

Even though I subscribe to the trendiest food mags (like Lucky Peach), and have slews of trendy cookbooks (like "Ad Hoc at Home") and watch all the trendy cooking shows (like "No Reservations"), and have tried cooking plenty of trendy foods (like baby octopus poached in olive oil), here's what I'm making this weekend after just returning from the supermarket:

Stuffed, jumbo shrimp with store-bought tomato sauce,

Portuguese kale soup with Spanish chorizo,

a roast turkey,

turkey stock ... which becomes turkey soup ... which becomes lunches for the week,

and egg salad ... from the dozen eggs I hard-boiled earlier.

I've never had any foamed food. And I must disagree with you about fried eggs on top of foods.

One of the most sublime meals I've ever had was shards of crisp-fried pig's ears and crispy kale topped with a fried egg. As they say in trend land, oh, baby, oh, baby.

– Lou

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