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Writer views GOP  as party of illusion

To the editor:

It must be obvious to every intelligent and informed voter that the Republican message, such as it is, is based on illusion. First of all, the notion that we should give to the rich and take away from the poor in order to balance the budget and revive the economy is pure moonshine.

To a degree, that was the policy Republican administrations followed which got us into our present hole. History shows that the only way to establish a truly healthy and prosperous economy is to have the resources of that economy widely spread. Politicians may talk, but the Republican ideas being presented are much more likely to make our wealth distribution even more lopsided than it now is.

And there is absolutely no way the deficit can be attacked unless taxes are raised somewhere. The second illusion which the Republican party holds dear is that global warming has nothing to do with human behavior with respect to greenhouse gases. That makes about the same sense as the tobacco companies’ decades-long effort to demonstrate that smoking had nothing to do with lung cancer.

There is another issue which seems to be important to at least some Republicans and that is the place of God in politics, and personal behavior in the lives of individuals. Any serious reading of the Constitution makes clear that religion and politics were, to the founders, separate spheres and should be kept separate. Matters like same-sex marriage, birth control and abortion are really private issues, and people can have contrary views on their right and wrong.

But to have one particular view dictated by politicians is not the business of government. Matters which concern one’s personal life should be left personal.

William R. Compton

South Hadley

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