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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers

You may have wondered where we were last week. Well, we were “welcoming” a new computer system to the Gazette. I might describe the week as painful. Change is hard. Sorry we deserted you.

Don’t tell anyone, but we almost deserted you this week, too. But all those calls last week, (well, there was that one ) asking where was Lou and Lucy’s Leftovers? We couldn’t let you down again. It’s good to know, in difficult times, someone cares enough to call. Emphasis on one. Thank you, whoever you are.

This leads me to my eating habits during hell week. When you arrive home after a 12- 14 hour day , tired, crabby and hungry, the first thing you do is grab a glass of wine, then you wonder what to have for supper. The first night I had cold leftover rotisserie chicken and some cucumbers and tomatoes. The second night I had more leftover rotisserie chicken. I felt proud of myself because I remembered I had squirreled or, as Lou would say it, “square-ooled” (almost everyone I know who was brought up in Worcester says squirrel like that, “square-ool,” go figure) away some au jus from a chicken I had actually cooked at home. It was flavored with rosemary and garlic. It reminded me why it is nice to roast a chicken at home. I heated the leftover chicken in the sauce and served it with some reheated frozen leftover rice. It actually wasn’t bad. Any port in a storm.

By night three, there was nothing left in the fridge. I suppose I could of had a ketchup and onion sandwich, but somehow that did not appeal. What did I reach for? The phone, of course. Chinese take-out time. Braised duck and house special fried rice from Great Wall in Florence. Really good, and it lasted till night four. Night five I couldn’t think at all, but luckily pizza and wings is a no-brainer for a Friday night.

That was enough scrounging for me. Saturday I shopped, luckily on the early side before I crashed on the couch for some serious vegging. I think I woke up in time to make a nice home cooked dinner of grilled steaks, fresh corn on the cob and a salad. Not fancy, but it’s what I needed after a hard week.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Barring any disasters, we are back on track with Leftovers. I promise I won’t talk about work anymore, but thanks for listening and for reading the Gazette.

— Lucy

Yes, the computer change has left me little time or inclination to eat. I’ve actually lost five pounds since the switchover from our former computer system.

I’m gong to write a diet book called, “Computers Are Your Weight-Loss Friend.”

And “square-ooled” is how I was taught to pronounce squirreled in Woosta.

— Lou

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