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If Democratic stance is so-called class warfare, then ‘bring it’

To the editor:

Once I was a progressive Democrat. Then I heard Mtt Romney say to a bunch of fat cat donors that 47 percent of us don’t pay taxes, regard ourselves as victims and are not entitled to the minimal food, clothing, shelter and health care necessary to keep us alive, to give us the opportunity to better ourselves and to allow us to pursue happiness for ourselves and our children.

Now I am an angry progressive Democrat.

Of course, the Republicans won’t talk about the millionaires and billionaires who pay no taxes, but who use the infrastructure a strong and vibrant middle class built. They chant the mantra, “Lower taxes mean more economic growth,” despite all the evidence that refutes it; the non-partisan Congressional Research Service found no correlation between lower taxes on the rich and economic growth but a high correlation between lower taxes on the rich and increasing income inequality. Romney and the Republicans avoid inconvenient facts.

Every time the Democrats raise the issue of income inequality, of taxing the earnings of CEOs whose income is many thousands of times the income of their highest paid workers, of limiting the income of rapacious profiteers, downsizers and outsourcers, the Republicans natter about “class warfare.” I say, “If this be class warfare, then bring it.”

So now I am an angry progressive Democrat who wants to crush Romney at the polls, to oust Scott Brown from his Senate seat and to elect, at all levels of government, only candidates who have demonstrated unwavering, enduring commitment to the principles of progressive democracy as the Declaration of Independence has it: that every one of us has the inalienable right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Harry L. Miles


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