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Lynne Knudsen: Protest Smith Voke’s decision on AFSC

To the editor:

I was shocked to learn recently that the superintendent of the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School had decided that it was open to the military to enter the school in order to “educate” the students about military opportunities and yet, deny the American Friends Service Committee the same right to talk to students about educational opportunities other than the military. Please join in protesting this unsavory decision.

Lynne Knudsen


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"Pioneers of liberation" This is why the pacifists are wrong. http://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-paramilitary-camps-prepare-teens-for-martyrdom/

Hmmmm ... Since "The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths ..." maybe Smith Vocational felt it inappropriate to allow them into the school because they didn't want to deal with people having hissie-fits over mixing religion with a public school.

There are students from Easthampton who continue to attend SVAHS. They are the ones who choose programs not offered at LPVEC. But anyone can weigh in on an issue regardless of their zip code.

There's a big difference between can and should.

Give it a rest. Zip codes didn't keep you from weighing in on the Amherst suspension thing. By the way, when you criticize people for something that you yourself do, that IS the dictionary definition of hypocrisy.

You are correct, Apologies.

jdurf1, you seemed incensed that a non-resident felt "entitled" - your word - to comment on an issue which you felt was YOUR business. In general, I would say that's not a very enlightened attitude to carry around. The sharing of ideas, concerns, solutions happens through communication, not throwing rocks. The 'shut up and mind your own business' attitude which you chose to put out there was the equivalent of a rock. You do not own issues. Thankfully, concerned citizens know no borders.

Boundaries my dear, boundaries.

You know you don't have to live in Northampton to go to Smith Voke, right? It is not a "Hamp issue."

Easthampton no longer goes to Smith Voke. So no, input is not necessary or desired.

From the Smith Voke website: "Students from the following Hampshire County towns/districts are accepted on a tuition basis: Amherst Regional, Central Berkshire, Easthampton, Gateway Regional, Hadley, Hatfield, Hampshire Regional, and Mohawk Regional." Is this outdated?

Yes, Easthampton used to Co-op to SV, they now go to another voke. There may be a few school choice but certainly not enough for someone with no dog in the fight to stick their noses in someone else's business.

You need to get your facts straight, yes Easthampton students DO attend Smith Vocational. Easthampton residents have the option to either attend CTEC or Smith Vocational depending on the shop of choice. Yes we pay for our students to attend Smith Vocational. Yes I am an alumni of Smith Vocational. So the next time you feel the urge to comment, get off your high horse and do your homework first.

Easthampton students no longer go to smith voke due to the inability of northampton to keep the tuition at a semi reasonable level. Also, northampton is not an abutting community to spreingfield but that has not stopped the northampton greed from kicking in again!

You are incorrect.

Why does someone from Easthampton feel as though they are entitled to comment on a Hamp issue?

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