Family Wanted: Sociable 12-year old seeks two dads


Friday, July 14, 2017

Ashton is a 12-year old boy of Caucasian descent who is described as sociable and engaging.

He is mature for his age in terms of the conversations he is able to engage in. He loves to play with Legos and other craft toys. He also loves to read, watch TV and explore.

Ashton likes to socialize with others and enjoys others’ company, peers as well as adults.

Ashton is very articulate about his wants and needs and is a great advocate for himself. He is in middle school and would like to attend college in the future. He does well academically and benefits from some extra support in his current placement and at school.

Ashton’s social worker believes he would do best in a family that likes to spend time together and enjoys playing games. A family that encourages and promotes family time would be the best match for Ashton.

Legally freed for adoption, Ashton has shared he is seeking a two-dad home where he could be the youngest or only child. He has an older brother he would like to continue to visit with as well as a large extended family and many friends who are a huge support for him and are visiting resources. A family that could start out visiting with Ashton at this current placement would be a good match for him. A family that can provide a nurturing environment to allow Ashton to grow and thrive would be best.

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This article was prepared by MARE.