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Daily Deals debuts Tuesday on GazetteNET

Mark Iacuessa, advertising director of the newspaper and GazetteNET, said the Gazette is partnering with local businesses to offer coupons each day worth 30 to 50 percent off goods and services.

Each new Daily Deal will be announced in the newspaper. But deals can only be purchased online at www.gazettenet.com.

Deals will include such things as meals, products, services like spa treatments and a range of practical and fun items.

“We think the Daily Deal offers an enormous benefit to our readers and to our business customers,” said Iacuessa. “It is a chance for our advertisers to connect with readers through the social media, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as through the Gazette and GazetteNET.

The Gazette has partnered with a national firm, Analog Analytics, to manage the Daily Deals online and to maintain a high level of security in all online transactions.

The company’s software is used by 850 publishing companies in the United States to offer coupons and product vouchers to consumers.

Iacuessa said that the Daily Deal will not replace the GazetteNET Online Store, which runs for two weeks every June and December when the Gazette sells gift certificates for restaurants and businesses at a discount.

Deals coming up early in the launch this week include discounted coupons for Red Rock Stadium sports bar in Southampton, Pioneer Valley Ballet, Universal Fitness, Bill Brough Jewelers and Yankee Mattress.

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I don't know if it's me, my computer or what, but I usually have difficulty getting the gift certificate web page. I've been looking for it for a half hour tonite, and have the daily special, but still do not find the Gift Certificate Store. What's wrong?

Try shop.gazettenet.com

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