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For the week ending June 14, 2013


Bareng Aletta Sanny Nonyane, Barry M. Magnus to Julia S. Lennen, Robert S. Lennen, 14 Autumn Lane, Amherst, $235,000.

Virginia Kenney, Virginia M. Kenney to Michael E. Williamson, 42 Ridgecrest Road, Amherst, $416,000.

Andrew F. Thibault, Wendy B. Kelley to Jennifer D. Dobson, Matthew D. Dobson, 156 Pomeroy Lane, Amherst, $257,800.

Lillian B. Silver, Daniel S. Silver attorney-in-fact, to Edie Meidav, Stanley Stroh, 21 Harris St., Amherst, $295,000.

Elizabeth J. Kershlis, Elizabeth J. Perry to Jessica K. Gorman, Thomas A. Gorman, 65 Mechanic St. Ext., Amherst, $115,000.

Selma Roen to Daniel Nachbar, Randa Nachbar, 500 West St., Amherst, $195,000.

Ann M. Powers, personal representative, Ann M. Powers, James E. Powers, Richard A. Powers estate, Richard Arthur Powers estate, Thomas F. Powers to Elizabeth R. Decourcey, Spaulding Street, Amherst, $6,500.

Judith Teraspulsky, Judith L. Teraspulsky, Judith Lynn Teraspulsky to Judith L. Teraspulsky Revocable Trust, Judith L. Teraspulsky, trustee, 245 Amity St., Amherst, $1.

William J. Gerace to Heath R. Hatch, Zana R. Hatch, 66 Flat Hills Road, Amherst, $285,000.


LJ Development LLC to Carriage Town Homes LLC, 80 Granby Road, Belchertown, $50,000.

Cynthia L. Mahoney Rock to Cynthia L. Mahoney Rock, John E. Rock, 45 Warren Wright Road, Belchertown, $1.

Leta Herman, Neal S. Parks to Benjamin S. Feldman, 130 Old Bay Road, Belchertown, $89,500.

Lorraine F. Coache, Robert A. Coache to Lynn Crowfoot, 780 Franklin St., Belchertown, no consideration.

Bruce A. Bennett, Debra M. Bennett to ABCD Family Trust, Bruce A. Bennett, trustee, Debra M. Bennett, trustee, 29 Old Amherst Road, Belchertown, $100.

Annie L. Maziarz, William R. Maziarz to Florence Savings Bank, 5 Bay Road, Belchertown, $100,982.92

Marlaina Haigh Cataldi to Carolyn M. Tirreno, Mary H. Tirreno, 17 Westview Drive, Belchertown, $300,000.

Ofori & Associates, USA Housing & Urban Development to Gerald Archambault, 158 Stebbins St., Belchertown, $55,000.

Gerald Archambault to Gordon W. Richards, 158 Stebbins St., Belchertown, $1.

Town Of Belchertown, Belchertown town treasurer, unknown owner to Arthur J. Bessette, Keith Bessette, River Street, Belchertown, $1,500.

Kenneth L. Fitzgibbon to David J. Wolan-Jedziniak, Niak Lila A. Wolan-Jedziniak, 91 Hamilton St., Belchertown, $228,500.

Brian Major, Paula Lane-Major to Dion Creative Construction Inc., Old Springfield Road, Belchertown, $7,690.48

Cheryl L. George, Cheryl L. Hislop, Robert L. Hislop to Elizabeth J. Adams, Eric J. Adams, 51 Warner Road, Belchertown, $372,000.


Amy B. Davis, Andrew T. Stuart, Thomas S. Stuart to Strong Ave LLC, 45 Franklin St., Easthampton, $170,491.22

Mark M. Lantz to Mark M. Lantz Living Trust, Mark M. Lantz, trustee, 35 Glendale St., Easthampton, $100.

Roger H. Piekarski Jr. to Christopher R. Piekarski, Roger H. Piekarski Jr., 25 Zabek Drive, Easthampton, $1.

Elodie L. Sammarco to Sara J. Ostrom, 41 South St., Easthampton, $140,000.

Brian J. Campedelli to George S. Hotz, Lauren E. Hotz, 165-167 Pleasant St., Easthampton, $225,000.


Cynthia B. Kolesar, Larysa C. Bachinsky to Ann C. Sirignano, Elizabeth A. Harlow, 9 Berkshire Terrace, Florence, $278,000.

Mary A. Tourjee, Mary Anderson Tourjee, Michael C. Tourjee to Lesley Schneider, 266 Rocky Hill Road, Florence, $225,500.

Kathleen M. Underhill, William Allen Underhill to Amanda Kay Anderson, 280 Florence Road, Florence, $188,000.

Tracy C. Harrity, Tracy M. Harrity to Tracy C. Harrity, 225 Nonotuck St., Florence, $1.

Equity Builders Realty LLC to Tracy C. Harrity, Tracy M. Harrity, 225 Nonotuck St., Florence, $1.

City Of Northampton to City Conservation Northampton, City Of Northampton, Garfield Avenue, Florence, $1.

Barbara Pepin, Carole Morrow, Deborah Ann Kristek, Joanne Erikson to Adriana M. Brown, 10 Claire Ave., Florence, $217,000.

George J. Brodeur estate, Theresa R. Brodeur, personal representative , Theresa R. Brodeur to Amy-Louise Pfeffer, Michael V. Sola, 38 High St., Florence, $366,750.


Wells Fargo Bank NA, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., Stephen T. Howes to Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, 153 Batchelor St., Granby, $164,560.12

Gino E. Lucchesi to George Henry Regmund, Stephanie Anne Chapko, 121 Taylor St., Granby, $278,500.


David P. Pira, Lynn C. Rule to Gwen A. Quinlan, Thomas F. Quinlan, Huntington Road, Hadley, $525,000.

Deborah M. Mokrzecki, Gregory J. Omasta to Marlaina Haigh Cataldi, 168 Bay Road, Hadley, $285,000.

Denise A. Kinney, Robert L. Kinney, to 73 Rocky Hill LLC, Rocky Hill Road, Hadley, $1.

John Alder Holbrook III, Margaret G. Holbrook to Susan Brennan, Thomas Brennan, 5 West St., Hadley, $535,000.


John T. Shea III, Laurence C. Flynn to HNE LLC, 2 Prospect Court, Hatfield, $35,000.

Patricia M. Klaes to Walter R Thayer Jr., 144 West St., Hatfield, $65,000.

Matthew Martin to City Public Works Northampton, Chestnut Mountain Road, Rocks Road, Hatfield, $65,000.


Elsie L. Edwards to Charles H. Edwards, 1 Kellogg Road, Haydenville, $1.

Florence Savings Bank, Maureen A. Barcomb, Maureen D. Adair, Maureen Diane Adair to Poverty Mountain LLP, 149 Main St., Haydenville, $82,500.


Mary Gerken-Newcomb, Mary L. Gerken, Tina L. Newcomb-Gerken, Tina L. Newcomb to Donna L. Dulude, Kenneth G. Dulude Jr., 8 Rocky Brook Drive, Huntington, $212,500.

Multiple Towns

Blueberry Hills LLC to Patrick Properties LLC, Main Road, Westhampton, Huntington, $526,147.08

Judith A. Lyon, William E. Lyon to Judith A. Lyon Trust, Judith A Lyon, William E. Lyon, trustees, 26 Witt Hill Road, Worthington, 333 Ireland St., Chesterfield, no consideration.


Christine S. Arcese, Eric G. Arcese to Denise Orenstein, 8 Washington Ave., Northampton, $700,000.

Adrianne Cassidy, Adrianne Lortie, Leo Lortie Jr. to Adrianne Cassidy, Adrianne Lortie, 80 Damon Road, Northampton, $1.

Cornelia Claire Frierson, George W. Kriebel Jr. to Cornelia Claire Frierson, George W Kriebel Jr., 30 Warburton Way, Northampton, $1.

Joanna Larance, Saremily Nominee Trust to Michael Harrington, 64 North St., Northampton, $1.

Joyce B. Chandler to Julie E. Chandler, 1105 Burts Pit Road, Northampton, $1.

Kathleen B. Brodeur to Strong Ave LLC, 6 Strong Ave., 8 Strong Ave., Northampton, $250,000.

Glenn Alper to Brenda Lee Maurer, Nira Harper Elkins, 11 Arlington St., Northampton, $484,000.

South Hadley

Norman Cyrs, Norman R. Cyrs to Helen Long Cyrs, Helen T. Long, John P. Long, Joseph F. Long, Kathleen M. Kerwin, personal representative, Kathleen M. Kerwin, Mary L. Morin, 276 Morgan St., South Hadley, $100.

Helen Long Cyrs, Helen T. Long, Kathleen M. Kerwin, personal representative, to John P. Long, Joseph F. Long, Kathleen M. Kerwin, Mary L. Morin, Patricia A. Mertes, 276 Morgan St., South Hadley, $0.

Lorrie A. Runnals to Imad S. Zubi, Joni Haas Zubi, 1 Lynch Place, South Hadley, $190,000.

Home Improvement Associates LLC to Barbara C. Brown, George H. Brown, Jacobs Way, South Hadley, $345,900.

Xiancao Mei, Ying Wang to John W. Sinnett, Tanis S. Sinnett, 30 Fairview St., South Hadley, $229,000.

John P. Long, Joseph F. Long, Kathleen M. Kerwin Mary L. Morin, Patricia A. Mertes to Joseph F. Long, Patricia F. Long, 276 Morgan St., South Hadley, $250,000.

Ella Gabriel, Ella I. Gabriel, Satyananda J. Gabriel to Justin Annis, Sandra M. Annis, 16 Sycamore Knolls, South Hadley, $295,000.

Andrea L. Lortie to Mei Xiancao, Ying Wang, 59 Brainerd St., South Hadley, $362,000.

Carol A. Cameron, Robert C. Cameron Jr. to William P. Just, 130 Granby Road, South Hadley, $195,000.

Michelle L. Fitzell to Christopher M. Laflamme, 45 Applewood Lane, South Hadley, $355,000.

Christopher H. Newman, Heather A. Newman, Mary R. Newman to Hoa N. Thai, Joannah R. Thai, 60 Fairview St., South Hadley, $190,000.


James F. Boyle, Patricia A. Boyle to Christopher J. Graham, 102 Gunn Road, Southampton, $440,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Orlans Moran, attorney-in-fact, to David L. Neal, 123 Strong Road, Southampton, $276,500.

David L. Neal to Allison C. Neal, David L. Neal, 123 Strong Road, Southampton, $100.

Kimberly Bither to Kimberly Bither Living Trust, Kimberly Bither, trustee, 16 Katelyn Way, Southampton, $100.


Euthecia G. Hancewicz, Ralph B. Hancewicz to Josepha L. Parente, Raymond E. Martin, 86 Reservoir Road, Westhampton, $307,000.

David J. Blakesley, Laura A. Blakesley, to Christopher M. Tautznik, Erin A. Tautznik, Kings Highway, Westhampton, $1.


Eric A. Gougeon, Eric Gougeon, Lisa J. Gougeon, Lisa J. Maynard to Ricardo Nunez, Tara M. Harlow, 27 Williams St., Williamsburg, $196,000.

Franklin County


Dorothy Osterman to Dean A. Scranton, Gayle F. Sullivan, Roaring Brook Road, Parcel A, $1,596


Robert A. Trzcienski, Walter E. Trzcienski Jr. to John P. Paciorek Jr., Rachel M. Paciorek, Whately Road, $105,000.

Walter D. Pajonk, Marvalee M. Pajonk to David V. Tynan, Emily R. Gilman, 34 Lee Road, $315,000.


Harold E. Mosher to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Harold E. Mosher, Harold E. Mosher, trustee, 807 Pratts Corner Road, $1.

Walter J. Trybulski Jr. to Walter J. Trybulski Jr., MaryJane Trybulski, 74 Lake Drive, $1.


Alec E. Cybulski, Dorothy A. Lucas to Paul J. Wanczyk, 200 North Main St., $175,900.

Todd A. Cromack to Joseph F. Ranker, 691 Amherst Road, $181,000.

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