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For the week ending May 17, 2013


Ellen M. Fagan, Glenn S. Washburn to Ellen M. Fagan, 48 Jenks St., Amherst, $1.

Monika B. Vizedom to Ingrid M. Fordham, 25 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $176,900.

Donna M. Abelli to UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, 83 Spaulding St., Amherst, $150,093.60

Li Zhenqin, Wenjun Xing to Giang T. Pham, Tien D. Pham, 44 South Mount Holyoke Drive, Amherst, $290,000.

Christa Heimlich Keefe to Triple C LLC, 336 Amity St., Amherst, $1.

Horace P. Liversidge, Sarah A. Liversidge, Sarah Alden Liversidge to Sarah Alden Liversidge, 128 East Pleasant St., Amherst, $1.

David R. Knightly to Sandra G. Knightly, 37 Cottage St., Amherst, $1.


Robert E. George to Christine M. Trzpit, Tammy A. Rackliffe, Walter R. Trzpit, 40 Ware Road Belchertown, $177,600.

Kathryn E. Marciano, Nicholas Marciano to Constance G. Brown 1996 Revocable Trust, Constance G. Brown, trustee, 17 Plaza Ave., Belchertown, $304,000.


Cynthia H. Coggswell, Cynthia H. May to H. May Cynthia, Robert B. Lovell, 669 Main Road, Chesterfield, $0.


James F. Carey to David C. Hill, Elizabeth J. Bishop, Karen G. Hill, 5 McKinley Ave., Easthampton, $1.

Paul J. Laliberte to Susan A. Laliberte, 4 Brittany Lane, Easthampton, $100.

Frances E. Fahey, Jean Lusskin to Frances E. Fahey, Jean Lusskin, 6 Cedarwood Ave., Easthampton, $1.

David C. Hill, Karen G. Hill to James F. Carey, 5 McKinley Ave., Easthampton, $1.

Amy E. Bernat, Amy Sherman, Steven Bernat to Chalice Santorelli, 211 East St., Easthampton, $228,500.

Surekha Patel to Bhavyen Patel, Ronak Patel, 176 Everett St., Easthampton, $251,000.

Jeffrey L. Lamoureux, Lorraine C. Lamoureux, Richard N. Lamoureux to William F. Gruber, 17 Florence Road, Easthampton, $110,000.


Ruth Yeh to Jonathan K. Fogelson, 11 Ormond Drive Florence, $220,000.

Monkey Man LLC to Easthampton Savings Bank, 1095 Westhampton Road, Florence, $327,475.97

Lorraine Clapp-O’Keefe, Christine Guyette, Elizabeth Anderson, Joanne Brooks, John Clapp to Lorraine Clapp-O’Keefe, Kevin D. O’Keefe, 888 Chesterfield Road, Florence, $1.

Lorraine Clapp-O’Keefe, Christine Guyette, Elizabeth Anderson, Joanne Brooks, John Clapp to Diane Boyle Clapp, John Clapp, 940 Chesterfield Road, Florence, $1.

Kerstin E. Avedon-Tresselt, Myra J. Avedon, Kerstin Tresselt-Greil to Myra J. Avedon, 110 Turkey Hill Road, Florence, $172,500.


Jason F. Randall, Viktorija Randall to Amy K. Baker, 9 Mary Lyon Drive, Granby, $202,000.

Jeannine D. Hadley, Robert J Kazalski & Therese A Digiacomo Irrevocable to Darleen H. Shea, Mariah A. Saville, Peter E. Shea, Scott R. Saville, Ferry Hill Road, Granby, $66,000.

Barbara A. Tetrault, Bruce L. Tetrault to Ivonette Ortiz-Rodriguez, 34 New Ludlow Road, Granby, $151,000.

Chris Puder, James R. Puder, personal representative, Joan H. Puder Estate, Laura P. Hester, personal representative, William C. Puder to Therese Chehade, 53 Granby Heights, Granby, $129,000.


Kristen B. Walser to Donna Burhoe, Nanci Newton, 58 Russell St., Hadley, $180,000.

Mill Cottage LLC to Valley Building Co. Inc., 5-7 Meadow St., Hadley, $129,000.


Edward J. Heath, personal representative, Raymond F. Heath Jr. Estate, to Charles Gregory O’Connell, Dorothea T. O’Connell, 5 Edwards St., Haydenville, $285,000.

Constance L. Fender, Judith Haigler to Congregational Church Haydenville, 49 Mountain St., Haydenville, no consideration.


Sanford P. Meade, Sanford Phineas Meade, Sherri L. Meade, Sherri Lynn Meade to Sherri L. Meade, Sherri Lynn Meade, 195 Kennedy Road Leeds, $1.


Krisen Day to Tassie Jane Plankey, Timothy Lee Plankey, 17 Trumbull Road, Northampton, $140,000.

Elizabeth K. Santos, Hector L. Santos Jr. to Lesley J. Eckert, 87 Dunphy Drive, Northampton, $213,000.

JKB Farms Inc. to JKB Farms Inc., John H. Burt, Kenneth C. Burt, West Farms Road Northampton, $1.

Joanne Bonnayer, administrator, Joyce E. Jones Est ate, to A. Dan Jeffrey, Tala R. Elia, 26 Burts Pit Road, Northampton, $165,000.

Haytham M. Omar, Hend Abdelghany to Daniel R. Crouss, Kathryn S. Crouss, 696 Florence Road, Northampton, $300,000.

Jennifer M. Johnson, Kimberly A. Jones, Leslie F. Jones to A. Dan Jeffrey, Tala R. Elia, 26 Burts Pit Road Northampton, $165,000.

Edward E. Murch, personal representative, Patricia A Murch Estate, to Edward E. Murch, 12 Pines Edge Drive, Northampton, no consideration.

Casie A. Smith, Joseph M. Debiec to Jennifer V. Macaulay, 30B Graves Ave., 24-30B Graves Ave., Northampton, $254,900.

Jennifer M. Johnson, administrator, Leslie F. Jones Estate, to Jennifer M. Johnson, Joanne Bonnayer, administrator, Joyce E. Jones, Kimberly A. Jones, 26 Burts Pit Road Northampton, no consideration.


Susan Rice to Patrick J. Slaney, 18 Butter Hill Road, Pelham, $90,000.

South Hadley

Catherine J. Irish, Darwin M. Irish to Catherine J. Irish, 49 Laurie Ave., South Hadley, $1.

Chris Raymond, Lisa Luciano to Chris Raymond, 2095 Memorial Drive, South Hadley, $10.

Edmund Umbrasas to Roger H. Blood, Sophia L. Blood, 164 Stonybrook Way, South Hadley, $294,500.

Cynthia Bovino, Cynthia Saporito, Dora Soltys, William Saporito to Dora Soltys, William Saporito, 54 Lyman St., South Hadley, $1.

Lauren D. Bence, Robert Burke to James J. Baatz, 124 College St., South Hadley, $217,000.

Cynthia W. Rokowski, William J. Rokowski to Stray Horse Properties LLC, 12 Atwood Road South Hadley, $185,500.

Christine E. Schoenborn, Christine Schoenborn to Andrew T. Barrett, 6 Oak Ave., South Hadley, $177,000.


Edmond P. Laprade to Joann Bennett, Kimberly A. Wright, 238 County Road, Southampton, $180,000.

Meghan K. Chornyak, Meghan K. O’Neil, Zachariah F. Chornyak to Jocelyn Houle Kinlock, 165 Brickyard Road, Southampton, $214,900.

Madeline E. Pompei, Madeline E. Roy, Patrick J. Pompei to Denise S. Kielhorn, Sven Kielhorn, 35 Fomer Road, Southampton, $292,000.


Thomas C. McCarthy General Contractors Inc. to Thomas C. McCarthy, 61 Hathaway Road, Westhampton, $1.

Thomas C. McCarthy to Scott R. Tirrell, Wendy K. Bergeron, 61 Hathaway Road, Westhampton, $315,000

Franklin County


Mildred D. Hillis Estate, William F. Powers to William F. Powers, Theresa R. Powers, 19 Bond Street, $1.


Habitat Post & Beam Inc. to Peter D. May, Elm Street, $1.

Nika Oakes to Christopher D. Couchon, Analise E. Nimeskern, 731 Greenfield Road, $205,000.

Rotkiewicz Nominee Trust, Mary A. Rotkiewicz, trustee, to DKRE Sugarloaf LLC, 4-6 Sugarloaf St., $410,000.


Thomas Creek Realty Trust, W. John Palmer, Patricia A. Palmer, trustees, to Kathleen M. Keroack Revocable Trust, Kathleen M. Keroack, trustee, 68 South Plain Road, $290,000.

Tyler Gene Boone, Christie Ann Barcelos to Stacy B. Dennie, 2 Ledgewood Drive, $227,000.

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