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Property deed transfers, week ending April 5 

For the week ending April 5, 2012


145 State Street Partners LLC 145 to Carlyjane Dunn Watson, George G Watson, Jr., 32 Hickory Lane, Amherst, $284,900.

Alyn M C. Thayer, Andrew R. Coler, Marga Coler Reginald R. Coler, Robert A. Coler, Ronald R. Coler, to Marga Coler, 563 Montague Road, Amherst, $1.

Amy H. Hampson, Timothy R. Hampson, to Deborah Ruth Neubauer, Douglas Charles Donnell, 46 Hop Brook Road, Amherst, $485,105.

Claire Pinkham, Joan Est Pinkham, to Diana Abril Navarro, 207 Glendale Road, Amherst, $224,000.

Chester E. Watroba, Marilyn C. Watroba, to East Pleasant Street Partners LLC, Meadow St., Pleasant St., 1190-1192 North Pleasant St., Amherst, $495,000.


Crestview Acres Inc to Kate Rose, Stephen Rose, Crestview Acres, Belchertown, $272,000.

Beverly A. Sjostrom to Burt D. Sjostrom, Jr., 71 North Liberty St., Belchertown, $1.

David M Guy, Jr. to Jeremy A. Dunn, 17 Pinebrook Drive, Belchertown, $115,000.

Kathryn A. Carter, Kathryn A. Kelley, to David R. Kelley, Kathryn A. Kelley, 29 Eugene Drive, Belchertown, $1.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co tr, Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust, OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC Attorney In Fact to Property Enhancement LLC, 12 Ledgewood Drive, Belchertown, $146,299.

Joanna J., Jeneralczuk, Joanna M. Jeneralczuk, Thurlow A. Cook to Joanna M. Jeneralczuk, 160 Summit St., Belchertown, $1.

Janice E. Rotti, Timothy J. Rotti, Warner Road Realty Trust to Janice E. Rotti, Timothy J. Rotti, 35 Warner Road, Belchertown, $100.

Partyka Family Real Estate LP, Partyka Partners LP, Partyka GP Trust General Partner to JP Builders Inc, Emily Lane, Belchertown, $75,500.

Nancy L. Witherell, Paul W. Witherell, Peter W. Witherell to Paul W. Witherell, Metacomet St., 4 Metacomet Circle, Belchertown, $100.

Mario Sotolotto to Andres LLC, Main St., 4-8 Park St., Belchertown, $500,000.

Christopher J. Waldron, Christopher Waldron, Shannyn S. Waldron to Christopher J. Waldron, 458 Bardwell St., Belchertown, $1.


Amy B. Fleury to Amy B. Fleury, Patricia A. Murphy, Sugar Hill, 77 Sugar Hill Road, Chesterfield, $1.


Chester E. Gorski to Susan M. Labrie, 81 Shaw Road, Cummington, $1.


Diane J. Thouin, Diane Thouin, Fred W. Thouin to Jammie W. Thouin, tr., Linda Thouin Quinn, tr., Thouin Irrevocable Trust, 66 Division St., Easthampton, $100.

Diane C. Tymkowiche, Diane Christine Tymkowiche, Donald J. Tymkowiche, Donald John Tymkowiche, to Monica Jean Boyle, 195 East St., Easthampton, $1.

Beacon Communities Corp, EH Homeownership LLC, to Elizabeth Frechette, Jody D. Kasper, River Valley Way, Easthampton, $85,000.

Autumn Properties LLC to Eric T. Poulin, 68 Parsons St., Easthampton, $97,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC Attorney In Fact, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Tr, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to K & A LLC, 119 Holyoke St., Easthampton, $126,000.


Lotus P. O’Connor to Michelle L. Bouley, 152 Bridge Road, Florence, $205,000.

Richard N. Norris to Matthew D. Curtis, Shatay Zoe Trigere, Fox Farms Road, 53 Strawberry Hill, Florence, $665,000.


K. Priscilla Kisiel to Jeffrey W. Roberts, Highland Lake, 32 West Shore Dr, Goshen, $1.

Jeffrey W. Roberts to Elizabeth R. Takacs, K. Priscilla Kisiel, Highland Lake, 32 West Shore Dr, Goshen, $1.


Robert F Sheehan, Jr. to Nicholas R. Sheehan, Robert F Sheehan, Jr., Taylor St., Granby, $100.

Elaine B. Reilly, Jorge Casasnovas, to Jorge L. Casasnovas, 7 Jackielyn Circle, Granby, $1.

Deborah A. Walker, Joel F. Walker, to Declaration Of Walker Irrevocable Trust, Jennifer L Fournier, tr., Walker Irrevocable Trust, 2 Pleasant St., Granby, $100.


Charles J. Rytuba to Irene M. Rule, Michael A. Forget, 81 Bay Road, 83 Bay Road, Hadley, $40,000.

Tomlinson Builders Inc to Alan St Hilaire, Christina St Hilaire, Hawks Meadow Dr, Hadley, $135,000.

Frances J. Pleppo to Karen A. Pleppo, 7 North Lane, Hadley, $1.

Irene L. Sylvain, Raymond G. Sylvain, to Sean A. Mackin, Tatjana Mackin, 27 Breckenridge Road, Hadley, $343,000.


Lee A. Zygmont, Lee Ann Zygmont, to Lee Ann Zygmont, Paul J. Goehlert, North St., 51 King St., Hatfield, $1.

Cynthia L. Streker to Kara A. Jagodzinski, 255 Straits Road, Hatfield, $198,500.

Hatfield Village LLC to Robert J. Gardner, 115 Elm St., Hatfield, $240,000.


Janet R. Rice, Raymond M. Rice, to Village Center Apartments LLC, 11 South Main St., Haydenville, $213,570.


Charles M. Simmons, Melissa Jo Simmons, to Cheryl A. Wilkinson, Mark R. Wilkinson, Cullen Hill Road, Huntington, $4,180.

Multiple Towns

Theresa A. Peltier to Carol Peltier, Tr., Theresa A Peltier Revocable Trust, Theresa A Peltier, Tr., 192 Pearl St., 377 East State St., 99 Pine Grove, Multiple Towns, $100.


Laurie A. Sullivan, Sean T. Sullivan, to Sullivan Real Estate LLC Sullivan, 176-178 Prospect St., Northampton, $1.

John S. Kumiega, Jr., John S. Kumiega, Walter L Marek, Jr., Executor to W. Marek Inc, 72 Crosby St., Northampton, $120,000.

Lena Fletcher, Lena S. Fletcher, to Alexa B. Fletcher, Alexa Fletcher, Marta Rudolph, 55 Lincoln Ave., Northampton, $1.

Lorena Munoz to Stephanie J. Arvai, 68 Ridgewood Ter, Northampton, $1.

Karen A. Gallik to Karen A. Gallik, Robert R. Monaco, 21 Orchard St., Northampton, $100.

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc Attorney-In-Fact, Fola Fagade, Homeward Residential Inc Attorney-In-Fact Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc, Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp, TBW Mortgage-Backed Trust, Tosin Fagade to Helen L. Blatz, Lauren M. Croce, 576-578 Elm St., Northampton, $161,000.

Fola Fagade to NA Tr Us Bank, TBW Mortgage-Backed Trust, 576-578 Elm St., Northampton, $1.

Elizabeth A Caton Burm, Elizabeth A Caton Lyman, Elizabeth Caton-Burm to Christine Haigney, 80 Damon Road, Northampton, $95,000.

Michael A Beresky, Jr. to Kathleen M. Beresky, 26 Smith St., Northampton, $1.

Laurie A. Sullivan, Sean T. Sullivan, to Sullivan Real Estate LLC, 214-218 State St., Northampton, $1.

Eileen D. Clifford, Michael Hooker, Jr., Executor, Patricia A. Caggiano to Kendra A. Dahlquist, Burncolt Road, 48 Sterling Road, Northampton, $230,000.

American National Red Cross to Sullivan Real Estate LLC Sullivan, 125 State St., Northampton, $300,000.

Keith J. Lyman to Elizabeth A. Caton Lyman, 80 Damon Road, Northampton, $1.

South Hadley

Debra A. Beaulieu, FNF Servicing Inc, Freedom Mortgage Corp Loancare Attorney In Fact, NA Banknorth, to Fannie Mae Fannie, National Mortgage Association Federal, 24 Alvord Place, South Hadley, $156,510.56

Eric C. Brown to Eric C. Brown, Shelly E. Brown, Lathrop St., West Summit St., 18 Harvard St., South Hadley, $100.

Cathleen A. Lavelle, John H. Lavelle, Lavelle John H Attorney In Fact to Mark T. Izzo, 158 Pine Grove Dr, South Hadley, $165,000.

Nancy E. Bombard to Debra Bombard, New Ludlow Road, 33 Ludlow Road, South Hadley, $1.


Antonio S. Silva, Jr., Antonio S. Silva, Patricia A. Silva to Antonio S. Silva, Jr., Patricia A. Silva, 24 Hillside Meadows Dr, Southampton, $10.

Sallie I. Norris, Sallie Norris, Sallie P. Norris Sally I. Norris, to Sallie P. Norris, 73 High St., Southampton, $1.

Alba Q. Breyer, William Breyer, to Alysa Breyer, tr., William D. Breyer & Alba Q. Breyer Irrevocable Trust, 32 Middle Road, Southampton, $1.

Edwin F. Goral to Triple Seven LLC, Strong Road, Southampton, $586,823.

Alan R. Nummy, Margaret F. Nummy, to Alan R Nummy, Tr., Margaret F Nummy, Tr., Nummy Family Trust, 7 Montgomery Road, Southampton, $1.

Franklin County

Beatrice Barbara Pantermehl to Arthur P. Pantermehl Jr., 1411 Bug Hill Road, $1.


A. Elaine Rogers Parsons, “aka” A. Elaine Rogers, to A. Elaine Rogers, 3209 Shelburne Falls Road, $1.

UMass Five College Federal Credit Union of Hadley, to Normand J. Messier, Jr., Carolyn A. Messier and Jason S. Messier, 397 Ashfield Road, $100,000.


Lois Zieper, of Anchorage, Ak., and Jane Drumgool to Mary Grover, Upper Road, $1.

Helan Enoch Page by T.D. Bank, NA of Portland, ME., to Federal National Mortgage Association of Dallas, Tx., 4 Braeburn Road, $135,200.


Michael S. Snyder and Gigi M. Chasles-Snyer by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Trustee, by attorney, Orlands Moran, PLCC, Attorney, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee, 48 Claverack Road, $193,670.

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