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For the week ending March 29, 2013:


Benjamin F. Levy to Peter Levy, 370 Potwine Lane, Amherst, $1.

Jean M. Stone to Joseph D. Hewes, tr., Ralph A. Hewes Living Trust Of December 4, 2009, Ralph A Hewes, tr., 24 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $175,950.

John A. Root, Leslie M. Scott, to Elizabeth E. Powers, 155 Farmington Rd, Amherst, $229,500.

Fleet Bank Of Massachusetts, Fleet National Bank, Jeffrey W. Flower, NA Bankboston, Fleet National Bank Of Connecticut, Heritage NIS Bank For Savings, Bank Of America NA Bank to Amherst Village Inc, Old Farm Rd, Amherst, $205,000.

Judith Verchot to Domenic J. Sebben, Jr., 166 Summer St., Amherst, $163,000.

Cornelia M. Daniel to Fay James, Cornelia M. Daniel, 29 Pine Grove, Amherst, $100.

Sharon L. Poirrier to Gillian P. Freeman, Patrick D. Freeman, Webster Court, Amherst, $169,000.

Joel W. Wolfe, Traci A. Wolfe, to Alyson D. Miller, Mary W. Foulk, 218 Alpine Drive, Amherst, $349,900.

Heritage Bank For Savings Heritage, Fleet Bank Of Massachusetts NA, Fleet National Bank NA Bankboston, Fleet National Bank Of Connecticut, Bank Of America NA, to Tofino Associates Inc, Old Farm Road, Amherst, $372,500.


Frank A Cowdrey, Jr., Susan C. Cowdrey, to Dennis M. Liptak, Jessie A. Liptak, Jessiea Liptak, 60 Canal Drive, Belchertown, $295,000.

Mary Ann Lapinsky, Paul Lapinsky, to Patrick Loftus, 86 North Washington St., Belchertown, $268,000.

Carol E. Hubbard, Hugh K. Hubbard, to Brian R. Hubbard, Christopher A. Hubbard, Jeffrey K. Hubbard Todd E. Hubbard, 24 Jackson St., Belchertown, no consideration.

Cheryl A. Fay, Cheryl A. Truehart, Cheryl Truehart, Noel R. Truehart, to Cheryl A. Truehart, Noel R. Truehart, 35 Grela Terrace, Belchertown, $1.

Barbara A. Collins, Richard T. Collins, Jr., to Amelia M. O’Brien, Leonard F. Delorenzo, 12 Canal Drive, Belchertown, $280,000.

Albert Grimaldi to Rachel Grimaldi, 58 Cheryl Circle, Belchertown, $1.

Allen D. Forsythe, Rhoda Lee Forsythe, to N. Juliana Vanderwiele, 45 Jucket Hill Road, Belchertown, $295,000.

Chase Bank FDIC, JPMorgan NA, Elizabeth A. Forgue Elizabeth Saccamando, Larry J Saccamando, Jr., Washington Mutual Bank FA, Washington Mutual Bank to Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, 248 Amherst Road, Belchertown, $229,203.16

Lorraine L. Seymour to Catharine S. Seymour, Knight St., 232 Gold St., Belchertown, $1.


Nancy Mastrangelo, Nancy F. Mastrangelo, to Nancy Mastrangelo & Carol Prosciak Revocable Trust, Nancy Mastrangelo, tr., 6 Gross Lane, Easthampton, $1.

Josehine A. Przada, Josephine A. Przada, Sean Anthony Echols to Kristin E. McLaughlin, 212 East St., Easthampton, $212,399.

Dennis R. Scribner II to Dennis R. Scribner II, Kimberly N. Scribner, 107 Oliver St., Easthampton, $1.


Bruce M. Fogel, David S. Turner Revocable Trust Agreement, to Melodie P. Turner, 40-46 Maple St., Florence, $819,968.96

Bruce M. Fogel, David S. Turner, to Bruce M Fogel, Tr., David S Turner Revocable Trust Agreement, 40-46 Maple St., Florence, $1.

Carrie Egleston, Cindy Turner, Robert P. Turner, Jr. Scott Egleston, to Richard A Saalfrank, Jr., 83 Forest Glen Drive, Florence, $178,000.


Frank J. Kovalcek, Jr., Margaret M. Orfitelli, Michael A. Kovalcek to Daniel E. Pikett, Hammond Lake, Lake Shore Drive, Goshen, $27,000.

Mountain Stream Inc to Rawlings Excavation Services LLC, Cape St., Goshen, $185,000.


Alice M. Beauchemin to Alice M Beauchemin Irrevocable Trust, Normand D. Beauchemin, Tr., 132 Carver St., Granby, $100.

Alyson J. Denette, Alyson J. Reed, Christopher J. Reed to Alyson J. Reed, Christopher J. Reed, 5 Harris St., Granby, $100.

Jessica L. Funk, Kevin Funk, Kevin M. Funk to Kevin M. Funk, 149 New Ludlow Road, Granby, no consideration.

Jeanne M. Merrill to Debra Lee Peloquin, Estate Life, Jeanne M. Merrill Martin A. Merrill, N Lynn Marie Merrill-Aki, 31 Cold Hill Road, Granby, $1.

Ann M. Boucher, Edith R. Alderman, James L. Boucher to James M. Schafer, 43 Granby Heights, Granby, $140,000.

Carlos Gutierrez, Jessica A. Gutierrez, Jessica A. Young to Justin P. Beaupre, 20 Pine Brook Circle, Granby, $177,000.


Jean J. Niedzwiec to Jean J. Wolter, Kevin J. Niedzwiec, Linda J. Niedzwiec, Shipman Lane, Hadley, $1.

Creative Properties LLC to DGG Partnership Realty, 226 Russell St., Hadley, $329,900.

Thomas D. Dunn to Sharon W. Dunn, 31 Roosevelt St., Hadley, $1.

Charles R. Ilnicky, Gary F. Ilnicky, Paul D. Ilnicky to Charles R. Ilnicky, Gary F. Ilnicky, 13 Hockanum Road, Hadley, $1.


Suzen Jane Maxwell to Thaddeus L Kabat, Jr., Dike Rd, Indian Hollow, South St., 15 Main St., Hatfield, $204,573.

Elizabeth A. Porada to Northeast Enterprises Realty Partnership, 25 Elm St., Hatfield, $340,000.

Marie A. Chmura to Barbara H. Pope, Thomas P. Morse, 11 Scotland Road, Hatfield, $335,000.


Allison T. Flynn, Jill Courtney Anderson, to Allison T. Flynn, 80 County Road, Huntington, $1.


Kyle P. Maurer to P. Ely Richard, Westhampton Road, 451 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton, $205,000.

Barbara J. Weene to Barbara J Weene Revocable Trust, Barbara J Weene, tr., 221-227 Main St., Northampton, $1.

Barbara J. Weene to Barbara J. Weene Revocable Trust, Barbara J Weene, Tr., 18 Laurel St., Northampton, $1.

Barbara J. Weene to Barbara J Weene Revocable Trust, Barbara J Weene, Tr., 18 Laurel St., Northampton, $1.

Hospital Hill Development Massachusetts LLC, to Kent Pecoy & Sons Construction Inc, Musante Drive, 92 Moser St., 96 Moser St., Northampton, $100,000.

Nicholas D Grimaldi, Jr. to Andrew N. Grimaldi, Beth A. Masotti, Mark V. Grimaldi, 27 Rick Drive, Northampton, $100.

Holly A. Delisi, Leborio G. Delisi Est. , Lisa A. Gehrig, Steven L. Delisi, Jr., Executor, Steven L. Delisi, to David P. Goldstone, Dorothy G. Goldstone, Spring St., 20-22 Finn St., Northampton, $400,000.

James W. Holden to Lee Ann Warner, Stuart B. Warner, 64-68 Prince St., Northampton, $425,000.

Judith A. O’Brien to Jill L. McFadden, Jonathan S. McFadden, 12 Sylvan Lane, Northampton, $390,000.

South Hadley

Gerald D. Devine, Jr., Jeanne M. Devine, to Jeanne M. Devine, 54 Laurie Ave., South Hadley, $1.

Adam J. Bartlett, Rebecca J. Gladu-Bartlett to Christopher M. Havlak, Sara A. Havlak, 45 Michael Drive, South Hadley, $275,000.

Carol A. Kleeberg, John C. Kleeberg, to John C. Kleeberg III, Kristen Grabowski, Timothy Kleeberg, 14 Easy St., South Hadley, $1.

Camilio G. Bisson, Cheryl L. Bisson, to Chika Akamnonu, Oliver O. Akamnonu, 11 Pittroff Ave., South Hadley, $230,000.

Marion M. Ittner to Philip E. Stefanelli, Ronald Baldwin, 8 Lyman St., South Hadley, $114,000.


Rebecca S. Johnson, Stephen L. Johnson, to Daniel E. Fried, Melinda P. Fried, 15 Freyer Rd, Southampton, $330,000.

Kathryn Rene Bonczek to Mark R. Bonczek, Mark Renee Bonczek, 4 Nicole Circle, Southampton, $1.

Garstka Builders LLC, David to David Michael Conti, 31 Hillside Meadows Dr, Southampton, $95,000.

Joseph C. Ryan, Susan M. Ryan, to Susan M. Ryan, 1 Edward Ave., Southampton, $0.


John D. Ryan, Noreen F. Ryan, to Noreen F. Ryan, 215 Thayer Hill Rd, Worthington, $200,000.

Helen M. Hall, Helenmarie Hall, Victor E. Hall to Helenmarie Hall, 305 Parish Rd, Worthington, no consideration.

Doreen B. Sparling, Sylvia J. Howes, to Ellen M. Degrave, William M. Powers, 461 Old North Rd, Worthington, $122,500.

Franklin County


Michael O’Connell, “aka” Michael E. O’Connell, and Diane E. O’Connell to Michael E. O’Connell Investment Trust, Michael E. O’Connell trustee and Diane E. O’Connell Investment Trust, Diane E. O’Connell, Trustee, 25 Ives Road, “fka” Maple Avenue & Upper Road, “nka” Delabarre Avenue, $1.


Lisa J. Woods of Greenfield to lisa J. Woods and John E. Woods of Greenfield, 15 Baker Lane, $1.

First Church of Deerfield to Andres Galperin and Denise Galperin, 46 Old Main Street, $875,000.


Gene Stamell and Janice W. Stamell, of Arlington, to Mark Antsel and Ziporah Hildebrandt, Pelham Hill Road, Lot A, $40,000.


Theodore S. Williams and Joyce L. Williams of Hatfield to Jordan A. Williams of Hatfield, Long Plain Road, $1.

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