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For the week ending, March 15, 2013


Emily Arbour, Emily Chandler, Steven A. Chandler Jr. to Dawn M. Dezan, 86 Crossbrook, Amherst, $172,000.

Carol B. Soules, Timothy B. Soules to Ace Carol Ranzel-Wall, Leslie Dubinsky, 38 Lessey St., Amherst, $348,000.

Servicenet Inc. to E. Spencer Hopton, 39 Morgan Circle, Amherst, $359,900.

Trevor L. Woodard to Heather L. Ruel, 252 West St., Amherst, $125,000.


Constance M. Loftus, Norman S. Loftus to Barbara J. Nelson, Diane L. Mas, Ronald N. Loftus, 243 South Liberty St., Belchertown, no consideration.

Ashley J. Ritter, Ashley Ritter, Jesse A. Ritter to Christopher D. Carlson, 151 Sargent St., Belchertown, $174,900.

Andrew J. Deren, Melissa Deren, to Lindsay Lacoille, 396 Rockrimmon Road, Belchertown, $229,000.


Cynthia Bishop to Thomas Bishop, 621 Main Road, Chesterfield, $1.

Joan E. Slowick to Elizabeth Ann Sloan, 17 Farmhouse Road, Chesterfield, $254,000.


Michael D. Beaudoin to Patrick Beaudoin, River Road, Cummington, $1.


Denise M. Riggs, Robert B. Riggs to Jesse S. Harrison, Mari Nichols-Haining, 25 Brook St., Easthampton, $370,000.

Edward J. Haber, Mary Kubasek-Haber to Mary C. Kubasek-Haber, Mary C. Kubasek, 35 Sterling Drive, Easthampton, $1.

Steven A. Boulanger to Alice P. Linnell, 355 Main St., Easthampton, $170,000.

Vera Kropiewnicki, Vera Godaire to Edward Godaire, Michael Kropiewnicki, Thomas Kropiewnicki, 3 Broad St., Easthampton, $1.

Julia Soderbaum to Julia M Soderbaum Irrevocable Trust, Christine Witt Jones, trustee, 73 Glendale St., Easthampton, $1.

Jean M. Belina, William S. Belina to Jean M. Belina, 2 Little St., Easthampton, $1.

Alice P. Linnell to Jessica L. Calabrese, Shane M. Calabrese, 25 Meadowbrook Drive, Easthampton, $218,750.


Dale W. Aldrich to William A. Hansen, 18 Powell St., Florence, $188,000.

H. George Labarge, Lynette M. Walsh to James W. Riddle, May C. Chan, 23 Lilly St., Florence, $275,000.


Timothy A. Laizer to Shawna L. Doran, Timothy A. Laizer, 124 East St., Granby, $1.

Francis H. Tweed Jr., executor, Ruth E. Mitchell to Rebecca M. Marion, Stephen F. Marion, 164 West St., Granby, $220,000.

Robert J. Kazalski, Therese A. Digiacomo to Robert J. Kazalski & Therese A. Digiacomo Irrevocable Trust, Jeannine D. Haley, trustee, Ferry Hill Road, Granby, $10.


Laxman Parmar, Ranjan Parma, to Bhavnaben S. Parmar, 70 Chmura Road, Hadley, $562,500.


Noreen M. Winstanley, Ronald J. Kochan, Sadie H. Kochan, Timothy J. Kochan to George G. Zgrodnik Jr., Jeffrey C. Zgrodnik, Marion Zgrodnik, 151 Elm St., Hatfield, $230,000.


Lisa Maloney Baker, Lisa S. Maloney to Douglass R. Baker, Lisa Maloney Baker, 13½ Finn St., Northampton, $1.

Christian Campe, Joanna Campe to Christian Campe, Joanna Campe, 152 South St., Northampton, no consideration.

Karen A. O’Donnell, William T. O’Donnell to Deborah Dee, 80 Damon Road, Northampton, $103,000.

Taco Bell Of America LLC, Scott A. Catlett attorney in fact, Taco Bell Of America Inc. to G&G Real Estate Investments LLC, 203 King St., Northampton, $1,998,176.

Michael T. Zmurko to 39 Summer Street Nominee Realty Trust, Matthew G. Zmurko, trustee, 39 Summer St., Northampton, $1.

Charles W. Dragon, Veronica J. Dragon to Charles W. Dragon Revocable Trust, Charles W Dragon, trustee, 44 Roe Ave., Northampton, $1.

South Hadley

Jane H. Bubnis to Claude D. Lambert, Therese A. Lambert, 7 Joan St., South Hadley, $186,500.

Cecile E. Cameron to Patricia B. Norris Trust, Patricia B Norris, trustee, 91 Shadowbrook, South Hadley, $335,000.

Michael C. Cote to Monica A. Cote, Monica A. Drew, 64 Westbrook Road, South Hadley, $1.

Christine Kocot, David Kocot, Elizabeth A. Kocot, Elizabeth Tedesco, Mark Kocot, Mary Jane Kocot, Peter Kocot to Gary M. Monkaba, Terry W. Monkaba, 5 Skinner Lane, South Hadley, $299,000.

Dorothy A. McKenna, Richard W. McKenna to David Richard McKenna, Mary Elizabeth Meon, Nancy Ann Smith, 86 Pine Grove Drive, South Hadley, $1.

Ofori & Associates, USA Housing & Urban Development to Blue Gaylord LLC, 48 Lincoln Ave., South Hadley, $66,100.

Frances R. Vilbon, Thomas Joseph McCain, Timothy John McCain to Maureen F. McCain, 72 Charon Terrace, South Hadley, $90,000.

Lisa M. Bordenuk, Marilyn F. Martel, Michaeline S. Davidson to Kevin A. Quesnel, Sharon A. Quesnel, 36 Lorraine Ave., South Hadley, $168,200.


Fern Niedzwiecki, Robert M. Niedzwiecki to Danna Niedzwiecki, Dena Mechoso, 32 Moosebrook Road, Southampton, no consideration.

James F. Boyle, Patricia A. Boyle to Dorothy A. Tormey, William A. Tormey, 104 Gunn Road, Southampton, $405,000.

Czelusniak Custom Homes Inc. to Mohammed Al-Saad, Olla Najah Al-Shalchi, 117 White Loaf Road, Southampton, $325,000.

Edward H. Gwinner Jr. to Laura B. Robak, Pawel J. Robak, 5 Sara Lane, Southampton, $125,000.

Robert A. Canon to David Garstka Builders LLC, 85 High St., Southampton, $95,000.

Ann M. Sarafin, Thomas P. Bigos to Elizabeth A. Millay, Jason T. Millay, 81 Russellville Road, Southampton, $295,000.


C. Clayton Neely, Elizabeth C. Neely to Diane U. Merritt, Philip C. Merritt, South Street, Williamsburg, $2,500.

Franklin County


Maximino Salvador, Patsy J. Salvador to Maximino Salvador, Patsy J. Salvador, 28 Hobbie Road, $1.


Sarah E. Todd to Andre I. Melcuk, Laurie A. Desmarais-Melcuk, 223 Long Plain Road, $217,000.

Rebecca M. Berry to Donald E. Ducharme, Christine M. Ducharme, 452 Long Plain Road, $1.

Bruce A. Spencer, Laurey C. Kenerson, dba Forestry Resources, to Laurey C. Kenerson, Richardson Road, $10,000.

Bruce A. Spencer, Laurey C. Kenerson, dba Forestry Resources, to Bruce A. Spencer, North Leverett Road, $71,500.

Bruce A. Spencer to Bruce A. Spencer, Judith Northup-Bennett, North Leverett Road, $1.


Yusef A. Lateef to Yusel A. Lateef, Ayesha Lateef, 67 Baker Road, $1.


Betsy A. Sobieski to Ashwin Ramasubramaniam, Bethany A. Bradley, Russell Street, lot 2, $168,000.

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