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Area property deed transfers for the week ending March 1

For the week ending March 1, 2013


Barbara King-Shaver, Philip A. Shaver to Barbara King-Shaver, 69 Amity Place, Amherst, $1.

Anne P. Selman, Robert L. Selman to Jesse W. Selman, Lisa C. Amato, 216 Potwine Lane, Amherst, $1.

L.S. Hendry, Lynne S. Hendry, M.C. Hendry, Michael C. Hendry to Historic Renovations & Rental Properties LTD, 47 Valley Lane, Amherst, $335,000.

Tofino Associates LLC to Joel M. Greenbaum, Lisa M. Greenbaum, Concord Way, Linden Ridge Road, Amherst, $225,000.

Elise B. Jackendoff to Anthony M. Pellegrino, Stephanie L. Pellegrino, 170 Wildflower Drive, Amherst, $405,000.

P M. Stromgren, Philippa M. Stromgren, R. Stromgren, Richard L. Stromgren to Philippa M. Stromgren, 92 Market Hill Road, Amherst, $1.

Howard F. Gersten, Joy L. Gersten to Amy E. Correia, Patricia Bonica, 139 High Point Drive, Amherst, $309,000.

Sarah B. Hanke to Jonathan G. Hanke, Sarah B. Hanke, 57 Amity Place, Amherst, $1.

Jonathan G. Hanke to Jonathan G. Hanke, Sarah B. Hanke, None, Amherst, $1.

Elizabeth A Titus, James M. Titus, Titus Realty Trust III to East Pleasant Street Partners LLC, 78 Northampton Road, Amherst, $255,000.

Janet M. Sullivan, Michael P. Sullivan to James A. Layer, Kathy D. G. Layer, 25 Colonial Court, Amherst, $343,000.


Brenden A. Normand, Brenden Normand, Michelle N. Normand, Michelle Normand to Brenden A. Normand, 70 Federal St., Belchertown, $100.

Jacques Jean Benoit, Maureen A. Benoit, Maureen Ann Benoit to Maureen A. Benoit, 687 Federal St., Belchertown, $100.

Evelyn Solivan, Evelyn Turcotte, John R. Turcotte, John Turcotte to Gregory A. Bean, Sarah M. Bean, 279 South Liberty St., Belchertown, $325,000.

Lee Scott Mitchell, Victoria L. Mitchell to Megan A. Hoy, Derek S. Hoy, 648 Federal St., Belchertown, $229,000.

Mildred A. Beals, Mildred A. Beals Revocable Trust to Wenming Deng, 85 North Main St., Belchertown, $183,000.

Bernice C. Kecki, Michael J. Kecki to William F. Cox, Lorraine E. Cox, 140 Michael Sears Road Rear, Belchertown, $30,000.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC to Howard F. Gersten, Joy L. Gersten, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Belchertown, $230,000.


Chen-Ping Yap, Wei Qu Xiao to Desiree M. Gribi, Kyle M. Gribi, 23 Bayberry Drive, Easthampton, $363,000.

Lawrence L. Pontbriant to Lawrence L. Pontbriant Family Trust, Lawrence L. Pontbriant, trustee, 59 Loudville Road, Easthampton, $1.

Michael J. Czepiel to Michael J. Czepiel, Patricia M. Hayes, 240 Hendrick St., Easthampton, $1.

Gertrude J. Pontbriant, Lawrence L. Pontbriant to Lawrence L. Pontbriant Rental Income Trust, Andre G. Pontbriant, Lawrence R. Pontbriant, Michelle D. Pontbriant, trustees, 42-44 Pleasant St., Easthampton, $1.

Elisabeth C. Fein, Elisabeth Fein, Peter Henry King to Jason Townsend, 14 Water St., Easthampton, $170,000.

Devin D. Hague, Joanne M. Brown to Michael W. Wayne, 18 Knight Ave., Easthampton, $215,000.

Kylie Feldman, Kylie Pewtherer, Mukunda Feldman to Kylie Feldman, Mukunda Feldman, 6 Adams St., Easthampton, $1.


Ann E. Boutelle to William E. Boutelle Revocable Trust, William E. Boutelle, trustee, 143 South Main St., Florence, $1.

Anthony J. Caggiano, Patricia A. Caggiano to Patricia A. Caggiano, 39 Burncolt Road, Florence, $1.

Anna M. Bowen, Anna M. Clark, William T. Clark to Anna M. Bowen, Anna M. Clark, 505 North Farms Road, Florence, $1.


Gayle M. Smith, Raymond J. Smith, Gary A. Rud, power of attorney, to Jason P. Hewes, Jennifer R. Hewes, 169 Taylor St., Granby, $327,000.

Barbara N. Noyes to Michelle L. Chapin, 66 Granby Heights, Granby, $130,000.


Joseph F. Zuraw, Pearl E. Zuraw to Elaine A. Massey, Robert A. Massey, Off South Maple Street, Hadley, $1.


Heather Joan Daniels to Deborah Daniels, Norwich Lake, Huntington, $8,000.

Dorothy M. Manley to Dwight P. Manley, Nancy L. Winn, Wayne D. Manley, 6 Bromley Road, Huntington, $1.


Kingsley Sullivan to Kingsley Sullivan Revocable Trust, Kingsley Sullivan, trustee, 323 Prospect St., Northampton, $1.

Kubosiak Brothers LLC, Edward W. Kubosiak, Henry P. Kubosiak Jr. to City of Northampton, Coles Meadow Road, Northampton, $496,627.78

Kristin L. Woodworth to Lisa J. Palermo, 55 Jackson St., Northampton, $1.

Miriam B. Leader Irrevocable Realty Trust, Rosa L Smith to Emmett Leader, Rosa L. Smith, Susan Leader, 108 State St., Northampton, $1.

Emmett Leader, Rosa L. Smith, Susan Leader to Emmett Leader, Rebecca Shachter, 108 State St., Northampton, $210,000.

Jeffrey P. Dwyer, Querencia Trust, Raymond R. Rex Jr. to PVSeed LLC, 24-34 Pleasant St., Northampton, $325,000.

South Hadley

Eugene J. Borowski Jr. to Eugene & Shirley Borowski Grandchildren Irrevocable Trust II, Eugene J. Borowski, Eugene J. Borowski Jr., Karen B. Gale, trustees, 21-23 Carew St., South Hadley, $1.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Eugene Borowski, 21-23 Carew St., South Hadley, $61,500.

Ajay J. Sinha, Malini A. Sinha to Malini A. Sinha, 67 Hildreth Ave., South Hadley, $1.

Scott Family Properties LLC to Kurt Carpenter, Susan Carpenter, 60 Pine St., South Hadley, $244,900.

Richard J. Turban, Sandra M. Turban to Carrie M. Turban Kahn, Elizabeth A. Matthews, Richard P. Turban, 17 Mary Lyon Drive, South Hadley, $100.

Denise A. Benting, Denise Desaulniers-Kusnierz to Jamie M. Judge, 43 West Summit St., South Hadley, $139,000.

Joan M. Banner to Christopher A. Grader, Sara E. Grader, 187 Pine Grove, South Hadley, $159,900.

Anthony E. Conklin Jr., Gretchen L. Conklin, Lillian R. Hebert, Virginia R. Hebert, Wayne V. Hebert to Jamie T. Bishop, 29 Shadowbrook Estates, South Hadley, $165,000.

Ann Reynolds, John Reynolds to Jennifer Harlan, 38 Ashton Lane, South Hadley, $329,000.


F&G Development Corp. to Michael D. Hutchins Jr., Sonja L. Hutchins, 28 Bissonette Circle, Southampton, $394,000.

Irene T. McGrath, Michael J. McGrath Jr., executor, to James J. McGrath, Starr A. McGrath, 147 Russellville Road, Southampton, $1.

James J. McGrath, Starr A. McGrath to Irene T. McGrath, Michael J. McGrath, executor, 149 Russellville Road, Southampton, $1.

Irene T. McGrath, Mark P. McGrath, Michael J. McGrath Jr., executor Michael J. McGrath, Paul McGrath, Paul R. McGrath, Teresa M. Tuthill to Pioneer Valley Redevelopers LLC, 147 Russellville Road, Southampton, $65,000.

Jacqueline S. Prost to Lynn A. Judd, Timothy F. Judd, 35 Bluemer Road, Southampton, $200,000.


Phillip C. Whiting III, Sarajane E. Whiting to Sarajane E. Whiting, 258 Main Road, Westhampton, $1.

Franklin County


William E. Streeter, “aka” William W. Streeter, Elaine H. Streeter to Federal National Mortgage Association, 39 South Main St., $76,447.


John Ralph Westcott to Westcott-Sullivan Family Living Trust, John R. Westcott, Gail M. Sullivan, trustees, Juggler Meadow Road, no consideration.

Bruce Allen Cohen, Christine Meade Cohen to Cohen 2012 Revocable Trust, Bruce Allen Cohen, Christine M. Cohen, trustees, 457 Long Plain Road, $1.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Andrew S. Berg, 71 Schoolhouse Road, $184,299


S&J Land Trust LLC, to Valley Land Fund Inc., Plumtree Road, $159,800

Valley Land Fund Inc. to Kestrel Land Trust, Plumtree Road, $1.

Kestrel Land Trust to Stephen Violette, Plumtree Road, 19.03 acres, $159,800.


William F. Gruber to Patricia A. Jordan, State Road, parcel 4, $36,000.

Mark J. Stevens, Denise E. Stevens to Denise E. Stevens, 12 Long Plain Road, $1.

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