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Property transfers

For the week ending Jan. 11, 2013


Victoria K. Cliche to Robert Cliche, Victoria K. Cliche, 641 West St., Amherst, $1.

Patterson Nominee Trust, Bruce H. Patterson, trustee, to RKP LLC, 310 Montague Road, Amherst, $1.

Patterson Nominee Trust, Bruce H. Patterson, trustee, to RKP LLC, 324 Montague Road, Amherst, $1.

Patterson Nominee Trust, Bruce H. Patterson, trustee, to RKP LLC, Montague Road, Sunderland Road, Amherst, $1.

Patterson Nominee Trust, Bruce H. Patterson, trustee, to Bruce H. Patterson, Galina Patterson, 340 Montague Road, Amherst, $1.

Craig A. Cahall, Nancy E. Stewart to Nancy E. Stewart, 515 East Pleasant St., Amherst, $1.

Gatehouse Road Realty LLC to Echo Gatehouse Partners LLC, 10 Gatehouse Road, 30 Gatehouse Road, Amherst, $3,000,000.

Edward F. Mangiaratti, Paula M. Mangiaratti to Vanessa De Harven, 186 Wildflower Drive, Amherst, $542,000.

Scully Family Real Estate Trust, Brian R. Scully, trustee, to Anna B. Scully, Brian R. Scully, 22 Hawthorn Road, Amherst, $1.

Jean Kim to Jean Kim Revocable Trust, Jean Kim, trustee, 26 Greenleaves Drive, Amherst, $1.


Crestview Acres Inc. to AHH Inc., Crestview Acres, Belchertown, $55,000.

Crestview Acres Inc. to Raymond P. Authier, Crestview Acres, Belchertown, $55,000.

Crestview Acres Inc. to Raymond P. Authier, Crestview Acres, Belchertown, $55,000.

Crestview Acres Inc. to AHH Inc, Crestview Acres, Belchertown, $55,000.


Ronald Tadiello to Charlene L. Ritchie, Ronald Tadiello, 398 Main Road, Chesterfield, $100.


Lyn M. Ducharme to Peter J. Cofoni, 50 Mount Tom Ave., Easthampton, $180,000.

Estate of Elizabeth Ann Kowal, Paul Russell, executor, to Troy W. Spath, 129 Plain St., Easthampton, $167,500.

Diana Lohr to Heather A. Lohr, 46 Morin Drive, Easthampton, $1.


Estate of Emma F. Stone, Elaine A. Kostek, Peter A. Kostek, personal representatives, to Elaine A. Kostek, Peter A. Kostek, 53 Park St., Florence, no consideration.


Lot 3 South Street Realty Nominee Trust, Destiny Homes LLC, trustee, to Manuel Bernardo, Valerie A. Duvall, South Street, Granby, $125,000.

Valley Builders LLC to Martin M. Mendes, Michelle A. Mendes, 2 Mary Lyon Drive, Granby, $288,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Philip G. Lemaire to Federal National Mortgage Association, Route 202, 7 Green Meadow Lane, Granby, $189,000.

Martin M. Mendes, Michelle A. Mendes to Andrew Isaac Cote, 2 Mary Lyon Drive, Granby, $289,000.


Margaret H. O’Connor, Richard J. O’Connor to Marichu Waskiewicz, Peter M. Waskiewicz, 36 Huntington Road, Hadley, $272,000.


West Delphi LLC, Ten West Street LLC to LJD Properties LLC, 10 West St., Hatfield, $400,000.

Christopher Smith to Solar Fields LLC, 9 Prospect St., Hatfield, $1

Ellen B. Paszek, Michael F. Paszek, Northampton Cooperative Bank to Christopher Smith, 9 Prospect St., Hatfield, $215,000.


Christine B. Ducharme, Christine B. Maynard, Paul R. Maynard to Christine B. Maynard, Paul R. Maynard, 18 Upper Russell Road, Huntington, $10.


Brock Lynch to Brock Lynch Revocable Trust, Brock Lynch, trustee, Evergreen Road, Leeds, $10.

Joseph J. Batura III to Bryant E. Chase, 108 Florence St., Leeds, $245,000.


Gordon R. Sheehan, John G. Sheehan, power of attorney, to John G. Sheehan, 1140 Florence Road, Northampton, no consideration.

Revocable Indenture of Trust of Seymour E. August, Seymour E. August, trustee, to August 2009 Revocable Trust, Seymour E. August, trustee, 14 Conz St., Northampton, $100.

Linda Hagan-Brandts, John F. Brandts, Linda R. Hagan to John F. Brandts, 575 Bridge Road, Northampton, $1.

Michael P. Lynch to Keith D. Rodgers, Shirley M. Rodgers, 468 Elm St., Northampton, $217,500.

Barbara G. Hurley, John F. Hurley to Hurley Family Realty Trust, Barbara G. Hurley, trustee, John F. Hurley, trustee, 25 New South St., Northampton, $1.

Alfred J. Albano Jr., Dennis Lee Helmus, Elizabeth C. Waldron to Dennis Lee Helmus, 174-176 North St., Northampton, no consideration.

Gerald M. Platt to Gerald M. Platt Revocable Trust, Gerald M. Platt, trustee, 63 Massasoit St., Northampton, $1.

John F. Brandts to Linda Hagan-Brandts Irrevocable Marital Trust, Linda R. Hagan-Brandts, trustee, Christian L. Barner, trustee, 575 Bridge Road, Northampton, $1.

JEM Realty Trust, Julius Gy. Fabos, trustee, to Kathleen A. Smith, Mary S. Smith, 73 Bridge St., Northampton, $150,000.

Daniel J. Hall, Pengyew Chin to Michael Buhl, Sarah Mattison Buhl, 355 Rocky Hill Road, Northampton, $277,000.


USA Housing & Urban Development to Christopher J. Chasse, 104 North Union St., Plainfield, $38,400.

South Hadley

Estate of Albert J. Manarite, Joseph Albert Manarite, Rose Marie Manarite, heirs, to Joseph Albert Manarite, 60 Judd Ave., South Hadley, $1.

Home Improvement Associates LLC to Glenna K. Edmonds, 14 Jacobs Way, South Hadley, $279,900.

Beverly A. Ittner, Beverly A. Wilson to James A. Peetz, Joan M. Frey, John G. Peetz Jr. Nancy Laroche, River Lodge Road, South Hadley, $100.


Elizabeth A. Robbins, John M. Blanchette to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Elizabeth A. Robbins, Elizabeth A. Robbins, trustee, 1 Kevin Drive, Southampton, $100.


Mary Lee King Morse to Mary Lee Morse Irrevocable Trust, Sherrill L. Bowler, trustee, Main Road, Westhampton, $1.


Gillian C. Grady, Kathleen M. Grady, Patricia Zappulla, Sandra A. Grady to Carol S. Labonte, Paul A. Labonte, Old North Road, Worthington, $25,000.

Franklin County


Robert F. Rodovich, Arlene G. Rodovich to UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, 397 Ashfield Road, Conway, $57,000.


Hoynoski 2006 Revocable Trust, Robert T. Hoynoski, trustee, Louise J. Hoynoski, trustee, to Hoynoski 2012 Irrevocable Trust, Cynthia L. Hoynoski, trustee, 232 Conway Road, Deerfield, $1.

Peter J. Kotch Jr., Rae B. Kotch, Rae B. Alkes to Rae B. Alkes, Rae B. Kotch, 301 Lower Road, Deerfield, $1.


Robert E. Hatt, Gladys E. Hatt to Robert E. Hatt, 43 Long Plain Road, Leverett, $1.


Newbury Place REO II LLC to Meg C. Page, 39 Lake Drive, Shutesbury, $70,500.

Margaret C. Clarke, Laurence R. Clarke, attorney in fact, to Richard B. Clarke, 505 Pratt Corner Road, Shutesbury, less than $100.


Joyce V. Hepburn to Brent C. Morin, Kelly K. Morin, 340 Montague Road, Sunderland, $191,000.

Peter J. August to Peter J. August, Judy A. August, Plumtree Road, Lot 10, Sunderland, $1.

Bridget Ming-Syu Leung-Ingram, Bridget M. Leung, Scott R. Ingram to Scott Raymond Ingram, 130 Plumtree Road, Sunderland, $1.


Gail A. (Wade) Trudeau to Gail A. Trudeau, Roger W. Trudeau, 136 Haydenville Road, Whately, $1.

Kathleen M. (Chapman) Sylvester to Sarah Eddy, 66 Long Plain Road, 40 Long Plain Road, Whately, $266,500.

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