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Area property deed transfers

For the week ending Sept. 28, 2012


Patrick Conroy to The Steps LLC, 334 Lincoln Ave., Amherst, $1.

Aaron P. Dushku, Arlenin P. Dushku to Kay Montgomery, 18 Blackberry Lane, Amherst, $300,000.

Hsien-Hsin Chang, Jane A. Chang to Cathleen M. Guisti, 20 Owen Drive, Amherst, $447,000.

Mary T. Hankowski to Andrew C. Fisk, Karen M. Fisk, 33 Sheerman Lane, Amherst, $302,500.

Estate of Lynn Margulis, Jennifer Di Properzio, executrix, to Laura L. Lovett, Michael Dietrich, 20 Triangle St., Amherst, $380,000.

Laura L. Lovett, Michael R. Dietrich to Patrick Conroy, 35 McClure St., Amherst, $323,000.

Trustees of Amherst College to KH Amherst PE LLC, 354 South Pleasant St., Amherst, $259,000.

Grandonico Properties LLC to Gilreath Manor LLC, 18-46 Hobart Lane, Amherst, $1.

Angela L. Westerling, Angela Santiago, Stephen C. Westerling to Leslie S. Young, 170 East Hadley Road, Amherst, $132,200.

B. R. Scully, Brian R. Scully to Scully Family Real Estate Trust, Brian R. Scully, trustee, 22 Hawthorn Lane, Amherst, $1.


Linda M. Pitoniak, Linda M. Racine to Christine A. O’Donnell, Thomas W. O’Donnell Jr., Underwood Street, Belchertown, $1.

UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, Stephen Pereira Jr. to UMassFive College Federal Credit Union, 9 Old Pelham Road, Belchertown, $139,000.

Sarah Binney to Cynthia L. Badach, William L. Messer, 237 West St., Belchertown, $221,000.

DJH Investments LLC to Bruce A. Foote, Sandra L. Foote, Rockrimmon Street, Belchertown, $55,000.

Walter W. Tolmie to Deborah A. Desjardins, Walter W. Tolmie, 313 State St., Belchertown, $100.

Christine A. O’Donnell, Thomas W O’Donnell Jr. to Linda M. Racine, Underwood Street, Belchertown, $1.

Linda M. Pitoniak, Linda M. Racine to D’lynn A. Healey, Timothy M. Healey, 71 Underwood St., Belchertown, $340,000.

D’lynn A. Healey, D’lynn Healey, Timothy Healey to Cathleen A. Maclutsky, David J. Maclutsky, 15 Dressel Ave., Belchertown, $206,000.

Chris O. Larson, Karel A. Larson, Karel Larson to Jillian R. Hevey, Randy J. Hevey, 251 Barton Ave., Belchertown, $408,000.

Steven Mark Rae, Theresa I. Rae to Walter Tolmie, 313 State St., Belchertown, $345,000.

Estate of Richard L. Robinson, Michael K. Robinson, trustee, Carol A. Robinson, Clarence E. Robinson Jr. to Carol A. Robinson, Clarence E. Robinson Jr., 130 Springfield Road, Belchertown, $40,000.

Phyllis H. Alvord, Richard C. Alvord, attorney-in-fact, to Sue E. Whitney, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, Belchertown, $215,000.

Linda Stout to Samantha A. Rohan, William P. Rohan, 274 North St., Belchertown, $440,000.


Edward Stempniewicz Revocable Living Trust, Edward Stempniewicz, trustee, to Z. Lubov Stempniewic, Ireland Street, Chesterfield, $230,000.


Eric L. Breeden to Barbra L. Eaton, Edward A. Salners Jr., 15 Torrey St., Easthampton, $192,000.

Amy L. Heflin, James D. Heflin to Emily W. Oppegard, 10 Pepin Ave., Easthampton, $207,000.

Donald F. Zielenski, Storm M. Zielenski to Storm M. Zielenski, 110 Strong St., Easthampton, $1.

Lillian Y. Dembek to Alison A. Matthews, Eric D. Althoff, 1 Westview Terrace, Easthampton, $222,000.

Patricia Wojcicki, John Wojcicki, Mark Wojcicki, Stephen A. Wojcicki, Steven Wojcicki, Mary Brown, Gail Beaupre, Gail S. Beaupre, James Stone to Alec W. Donahue, 275 Loudville Road, Easthampton, $226,000.

Brian R. Patenaude, Diane M. DeGrandpre, Sheryl A. Moriarty to Brian R. Patenaude, Sheryl A. Moriarty, 171 East St., Easthampton, $1.

Joan Mals, Susan J. Mals to Anne Elizabeth Talley, Nicholas J. Brazee, 21 Lyman St., Easthampton, $235,000.

Timothy Mclane, Timothy P. Mclane to Dianne T. Mclane, Timothy P. Mclane, 56 Ward Ave., Easthampton, $100.

Estate of Stephen W. Carpenter, Ellen Zito, executrix, to Barbara Ann Caruso, Joseph J. Caruso, 65 Plain St., Easthampton, $219,000.


Andrea Hazelwood Swift, Gordon S. Swift Jr., to John A. Crowley, Rachana P. Crowley, 63 Stone Ridge Drive, Florence, $415,000.


Mary B. Deutsch, Maura A. Brassil to Dustin Bernier, East Street, West Shore Drive, Goshen, $20,000.

Revocable Indenture of Trust of Amelia H. Matuszko, Amelia H. Matuszko, trustee, to Jessica L. Jeannenot, 22 River Drive, Hadley, $258,000.


Glen Robert Goldman to Emilee B.H.M. Kieras-Gold, 177 Bay Road, Hadley, $1.

Holly Migliore to Stanley L. Symanski, Honey Pot, Hadley, $1.

Tina D. Berins to RC Building Inc, Route 9, 305 Russell St., Hadley, $325,000.


Donald J. Muccino Jr., Lisa A. Muccino to Lisa A. Muccino, 17 Pleasant View Drive, Hatfield, $1.


Stewart Foehl to Sarah A. Moriarty, Thomas E. Moriarty, 1 Florence St., Leeds, $205,000.

David L. LaFountain, Michelle C. Dufresne, Michelle C. LaFountain to David L. LaFountain, Michelle C. LaFountain, 515 Kennedy Road, Leeds, $1.

Multiple Towns

Sam Gyepi, Marie Meckel to Elizabeth Duca, Viorel P. Duca, Loudville Road, off Loudville Road, 12 Loudville Road, multiple towns, $258,500.

Patricia Millington, Patricia Yosov to Donald A. Weaver, James H. Weaver, Pelham Road, multiple towns, $100.


Trustees of Smith College to Suzanne Forman, Washington Place, 85 Washington Ave., Northampton, $509,000.

Gian S. Caterine to Helen Polyak, Jean-Paul Maitinsky, 44 Liberty St., Northampton, $319,000.

Dorothy E. Bradley, Gregory D. Squire to Jonathan Wynn, Robyn Wynn, 25 Summer St., Northampton, $350,000.

Witter F. Brooke to Vanessa B. Howle, 53 Prospect Ave., Northampton, no consideration.

Arthur L. Desantis to Volker Ecke, Henshaw Avenue, 26 Crescent St., Northampton, $199,000.

Janet M. Demers, Ronald E. Demers to Kristofer P. Demasi, 851 Westhampton Road, Northampton, $224,900.

Alison A. Matthews to Katie A. Krone, Grove Avenue, 142 Grove St., Northampton, $192,100.

Lisa Muccino to Donald J Muccino Jr., North King Street, 220 King St., Northampton, $1.

Grandonico Properties LLC to 69-81 Prospect LLC, 69-81 Prospect St., Northampton, $1.


Donald A. Weaver, James H. Weaver to Patricia Millington, Patricia Yosov, 328 Amherst Road, Pelham, $100.

Paul Battistoni, Paul G. Battistoni, Sandra Battistoni to Gladys H. Beaulieu, Robert P. Beaulieu, off Boyden Road, Pelham, $1.

Ruth Ann Hatt to Gladys H. Beaulieu, Robert P. Beaulieu, off Boyden Road, Pelham, $1.


Scott H. Haskell, Wendy R. Haskell to Sayward Robinson, 114 West St., Plainfield, $150,000.

South Hadley

Suzanne J. Desautels to Kristyn A. Mostowski, Michael E. Mostowski, 139 North Main St., South Hadley, $185,000.

June E. Gagne to Paul E. Brissette, 10 Brigham Road, South Hadley, $50,000.

Russell P. Cisek, Susan D. Cisek to Adele Wells, Phillip Wells, 23 Carriage Lane, South Hadley, $345,000.

Cabot Realty LLC to Aaron Stone, 136 Lyman St., South Hadley, $120,000.

Home Improvement Associates LLC to Timothy J. Hodnicki, Judd Avenue, 190 Lathrop St., South Hadley, $253,000.

Claudette M. Finck, Claudette Margaret Finck, Eric N. Finck, Renee M. Chidiac to Suzanne J. Desautels, 18 Saybrook Circle, South Hadley, $179,900.

Holly L. Folsom, Steven Folsom, Steven M. Folsom to Alexis J. Allen, Mark C. Shea, 2 Pheasant Lane, South Hadley, $246,000.

Beaudry Realty Trust, Amanda J. Beaudry, trustee, Andrew R. Beaudry, trustee, to Amanda J. Beaudry, Andrew R. Beaudry, Lyman Street, 40 Pitroff Ave., South Hadley, $1.

Robert K. Fowler, Susana A. Fowler to Christopher A. Thompson, Sarah G. Thompson, 46 Canal St., South Hadley, $377,500.

DGL Properties LLC to Karalee A. Yvon, Tyler R. Yvon, 203 Old Lyman Road, South Hadley, $255,000.

Darlene H. Killion, Jenny Jelliffe to Charlene R. Voyer, 41 West Summit St., South Hadley, $124,100.

Heather J. Duclos, Heather J. Scott to Heather J. Duclos, Nathan P. Duclos, 239 Morgan St., South Hadley, $1.

Tamara A. Lambert, Tamara Lambert, William N. Shipwash to Tamara A. Lambert, 12 Spring Meadows, South Hadley, $1.

Estate of Jacqueline M. Willis, Holly A. Delphia, executor, to Erin Trybus, Holly A. Delphia, Kelly Williams, Tamra Abate, 68 Hadley St., South Hadley, $10.


Anita M. Regish, James J. Palermo to James J. Palermo & Anita M. Regish Trust, Anita M. Regish, trustee, James J. Palermo, trustee, 68 Glendale Road, Southampton, $1.

JS Sampson Development Inc. to Kelly G. Normandin, Matthew M. Normandin, 40 Bissonette Circle, Southampton, $441,200.

John P. Barnachez to Meredith A. Johnson, 40 Fomer Road, Southampton, $203,000.

Richard A. Moussette to Jennifer K. Neumann, Jonathan R. Neumann, 19 Helen Drive, Southampton, $350,000.

Gary R. Swanson, Geraldine R. Swanson to Derek H. Geser, 72 East St., Southampton, $150,000.


Daniel R. Zawidowski, Jeanne M. Kidwell to Piper A. Murphy, 337 Southampton Road, Westhampton, $30,000.

Christine Guyette, Elizabeth Anderson, Joanne Brooks, Joanne E. Brooks to Christopher J. Brooks, Jeffrey A. Brooks, Joanne Brooks, Joanne E. Brooks, Steven G. Brooks, Stillman G. Brooks, Tob Road, Westhampton, $8,000.


Joseph F. Zacek, Joseph G. Funcasta to Emily C. Stawarz, Eric T. Gillett, 111 Witt Hill Road, Worthington, $170,000.

Michele S. Sawyer, Richard E. Sawyer to Lisa A. Schroeder, State Road, 309 Old North Road, Worthington, $151,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Edward Bigos, Kinne Brook Road, Kinney Brook Road, 375 Kinnebrook Road, Worthington, $274,000.

John E. Kaminsky, Virginia Swain to John M. Mcmillan, 40 Starkweather Hill Road, Worthington, $206,000.

Franklin County


Ronald St. Pierre, Daphne Bishop, Florence Savings Bank to Steven R. Rossi, Julianne Rossi, 127 Ludwig Branch Road, $85,000.


Suzanne Forman to Jonathan L. Barkan, Margaret A. Ryding, 502 Williamsburg Road, $65,000.

Suzanne Forman to Jonathan L. Barkan, Margaret A. Ryding, Wlliamsburg Road, $440,000.


Richard E. Hemenway, Martha A. Kosakowski, Martha A. Hemenway to Richard E. Hemenway, Martha A. Hemenway, 30 Jones Cross Road, $1.


Lindsay B. Abbate to Michael A. Abbate, 25 Shutesbury Road, no consideration.

Estate of Borjana Awqatty, Steven Eagle, administrator, to John Prodis, Ellen H. Pendergast, 112 Old Mountain Road, $210,000.


Gerald G. Kellogg to Peter Zabko, Joanne Zabko, Montague Road, $33,000.


Alan E. Sanderson, Alan E. Anderson Jr., Bradley T. Sanderson to OPTIKYON LLC, Sandy Lane, Lot 2C, Industrial Drive, $225,000.

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