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Georgia, The Republic, is coming up!

A priest at Sveti Tskhoveli Cathedral in Mkskheta, Georgia. Photos by David Rich On Friday I am flying to Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, with a group of 10 journalists to tour the country and get to know what travelers can find there. We will spend a long layover in Munich before we hit Georgia's capital city on Sunday October 12. Georgia is located next to Armenia, between the Black and the Caspian seas, to its north is all Russia. I'm always 0

Double Take Fringe Festival 2014: Don’t Miss It Oct 17-18

 This is something I really REALLY wish I was going to. I have a good excuse but nonetheless, were I you, I'd check out this great festival of short plays that will be held Friday and Saturday October 17-18th in Greenfield. The venues are some of best parts of the shows, which range from strange, to funny, to downright bizarre (great materials for Monday's water cooler, if you still work in an office that has one!).   Here is Linda McInerney's line-up of venues, and 0

Mridula India’s Top Blogger moves on to her own domain

Long ago, a young Indian professor named Mridula Dwivedi started sending her stories into GoNOMAD. We were in our little red office, this was back in 2005, and Steve kept publishing more and more of her stories. She traveled only in India and all of the stories had the travel weary reality of long grinding bus trips, punishing long walks, and other details of tough trips. We loved how intrepid and eager she was to keep on traveling, and writing and shooting so many excellent 0

Singing with Belugas in Manitoba

Belugas in Manitoba Every day I go down to my office I open up a the equivalent of a chocolate box--a new story to publish on GoNOMAD. It's so varied, there are so many different stories, I never know what I'm going to get. That's what makes being an editor such fun. Did you know that beluga whales can turn their heads and look at you? Richard Bangs wrote a story for us about how in Hudson Bay, north of Churchill, Manitoba, he rode with 0

Tony’s kindness brought out a new Lady Gaga  

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have 60 years separating them, but they've become fast friends and have gone on several successful tours together and just released a new album. In a touching interview in Friday's WSJ, Marc Myers interviewed Lady about how Tony Bennett has affected her life, her attitude and her music. He comes out sounding like prince--a gallant echo of a gentler, nicer time. Here's how Lady described one of their first meetings.  "I was starting to think there was no elegance left in 0

Isla Holbox: Reeling in Ceviche

We had planned to swim with the whale sharks, but when weather didn’t cooperate, we enjoyed a glorious plan B. We’d set out in the same direction for some fishing but just not travel as far north, toward Cuba as the whale shark habitat, but stick closer to the shoreline. When it was time to go fishing, I was all in. I love fishing, not so much because of the actual fishing, but more because it’s a ritual that leads to other great things, like 0

Isla Holbox, the lovely opposite of Cancun

We spent a few days mostly inside the Moon Palace convention center just below the Hotel Zone in Cancun, and after all of the work of our TBEX meeting, it was time for a change of pace. So we packed into a van and drove two hours to the northwest to a ferry that took us out to an island with no cars, very few televisions and the sea surrounding us all around.  It's one of the shallowest seas I've ever seen ... people were hundreds 0

The knee goes out and a man is down

Man down! That's what I thought last night as I approached my friend Joe's deck, carrying a bag with my little drum and some beers inside. It was an awkward step up, too high, and just before I made it up I felt my knee buckle. Joe was walking over and saw my leg and knee do their little twist...and then I was down.   I had to lie down because my left knee couldn't hold my weight. OUCH! Joe advised me to lie back and 0

Automatic knows everything about your car, and where you went

I'm testing a gadget that's right in line with all of the talk about using the big stream of data that is generated during our lives to give us valuable information. This little white plastic gizmo, about 2 1/2" long, plugs into your car's computer slot, down below your left leg, lower dashboard.  It's called Automatic, it calculates your car's engine speed, temperature and location, and what time you parked your car where. Despite the notion that this just slipped the towel off your last 0

A great day to fly over the Valley

Bruce's plane in his hangar, doing the pre-check before take-off. We taxied down the runway behind a Piper Brave, and after it took off we were ready to do the same. My friend Bruce, who I play music with, promised to take me up for a spin in his plane, so today, with perfect blue skies and light winds, we made it happen. I met him at his hangar where he keeps his 300 horsepower experimental tw0-seater sport plane at Northampton airport. The plane gleamed 0