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Resting Places / Chapter Four: Lives in a carton

NORTHAMPTON - A week after Sherry and Cedric’s funeral, Yoko Kato drove to Northampton and opened her dressmaking shop. It was Jan. 19, the day after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Sherry had asked her to watch Cedric, so Yoko had no appointments with customers. She removed the “closed” sign that her lawyer had put up for her and went back to work. She took her phone off the hook, but people kept climbing the stairs. Everyone knew. She resolved not to cry 1

Resting Places | Chapter Three: Baptism at the vault

NORTHAMPTON Waiting for the funeral, Jeannie and Yoko slept together on the big velour couches in Yoko’s living room, with the lights on. Jeannie was afraid to go to sleep. She wondered how her mother would get through calling hours at the Pease Funeral Home on Elm Street. Jeannie was at the funeral home when Sherry and Cedric’s bodies arrived, the day after the autopsies and just a few days after the murders. She and Sherry had gone to school with Ken Pease’s daughter, so 1

Resting Places / Chapter Two: The path of patient No. 40110

NORTHAMPTON Soon after the killings, Yoko went in search of counseling. She drove to her doctor’s office in Florence and waited for a psychotherapist in a room lit by skylights and floor lamps and decorated with a colorful quilt. Behind a counter, staff clattered away at keyboards. When she was called in, Yoko found herself pouring it all out – anguish over her daughter Sherry’s disfigurement and the pain of losing Sherry and Cedric, her grandson. Yoko’s health insurance provided for 10 such sessions a 0

Resting Places / Chapter One: Dreaming it to be ... one woman's road through loss

EDITOR'S NOTE: Twenty years ago this evening, a young woman, Sherry Morton, and her 18-month-old son Cedric were murdered by the boy’s father inside their Northampton apartment. Today, the Gazette presents the first chapter of “Resting Places,” an account of how one relative, Yoko Kato, faced the challenge of living without her daughter and grandson and in time helped bring international attention to the problem of domestic violence. The story continues in serialized installments through Jan. 26. NORTHAMPTON - Sherry lay on the ground under 1

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"Resting Places" is an account of how the family of Sherry Morton, 23, and her son Cedric, 18 months, faced the challenge of living without them after their murders in Northampton 20 years ago this month. 0

Living off the woody fat of the land

ASHFIELD — Twenty-five years ago, I moved into a home with an old Norwegian woodstove. Outside the kitchen window, across a yard and field, stood my fuel: acres of trees of all sorts — a typical New England mix of hardwoods and firs. And so I joined the fraternity of those who heat with wood, long before hearing the word biomass. We pay property taxes on our woodlot, for sure. But when winter nears, it’s my own little Saudi Arabia of energy. For 20 years, 0

A look back on wild weekend of newspapering: Our 2011 storm edition

NORTHAMPTON — With power out in the blizzard’s wake and a Sunday deadline looming, editors and reporters at the Daily Hampshire Gazette took their show north to Greenfield to produce an eight-page special edition on year ago this weekend. It was small. It had no advertising. It carried an out-of-date Page One “nameplate” that we had retired years before. Not four sections, just one. But subscribers found this little miracle of news waiting for them when they got up Monday, at a time when information 0

Glendale Falls trail-building project in Middlefield lands $38,000; work to begin in October

One of the world's master trail-builders is coming to Hampshire County next month, fresh from a project at Niagara Falls.

Peter S. Jensen's mission here will be to create a new route in to Glendale Falls, the Middlefield property home to one of the state's largest and most beautiful waterfalls.

The Trustees of Reservations , which owns the site, won a $38,000 grant that will fund construction of a stone stairway built by Jensen's team into a particularly steep section of the area. The falls


Northampton's MEF seeks to expand educational reach with 'Exploded View' website

A Northampton nonprofit hopes a new website will bring its message about media literacy, particularly the manipulation of facts by the powerful, to audiences outside classrooms.   "Exploded View, Consuming Culture" is the name and mission of the site, created by the Media Education Foundation.   In a post on the new site, exploded-view.org, MEF founder and executive director Sut Jhally explains what Exploded View is all about. He cites author Stuart Hall's view that intellectuals today must see the world objectively and then help the public 0