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Hell's Kitchen Recap: Topless Cooking 

 Guess who's back....back again....Danny's back.  By Kerri Fleming  Let us all mark Tuesday, April 16, 2013, as a date to remember in Hell's Kitchen history. For this is the day that we actually *gasp* had a conclusion to an episode that didn't include "To be continued..." No ellipses, Gordon?! It's like a don't even know you anymore!  Things started where everything left off last week - with Dan, Ray, Nedra and Mary standing jacketless in front of Ramsay. Was he going to eliminate all four of them? Make 0

Amazing Race Recap: Swiss Cheese

  By Kerri Fleming  So after weeks of the sunny South Pacific and the cheerful African bush, the Amazing Race brought us to Europe, where the snowy Alps of Switzerland brought out the best (Bates and Anthony!) and worst (Chuck and Wynona!) in everyone.  The teams began in Botswana, with starting times as staggered as any leg. But through the magic of public transportation and local attraction hours of operations, spent half of the leg as one big mess of confused Americans. Along the way, we learned: Bates 0

Survivor Recap: You Turkeys

  Dawn Meehan: Greatest face in Survivor history    When half of your Survivor cast are retreads from previous seasons, you can't help but assume people are going to play certain ways. Malcolm was strong physically and strategically in his first go-around, while Phillip was a crazyperson. Dawn was a pushover, while Cochran had zero confidence and alienated himself from everybody. You hope people grow with time and age, but so often they don't, and that's when you get Brandon Hantz 2.0 acting exactly how you would guess. 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: To Be Continued 

  Tension...   Of all of the shows I watch, Hell's Kitchen is by far the campiest. From the cartoon character that is Gordon Ramsay to the bizarre Transformers opening credits to their insistence on casting about six competent chefs and filling the rest of the teams with crazies, it is about as reality show-y as I get. One of my favorite things to make fun of is its obsession with cliffhangers. Every commercial break is led into by a cliffhanger, whether it's the announcement of the 0

Survivor Recap: Blindside!

  Cochran: The Greatest Survivor Alive!  Some people love a Survivor blindside - doesn't matter if it's a good move or a bad one, if it helps someone they like or hurts them, if it was necessary or simply a way for a few contestants to stave off boredom for a couple more days. I'm not like that, mostly because I have a few Survivors I like, several more that I distinctly dislike, and a bizarre sense of loyalty means I can't root for something bad 0

Remembering Roger Ebert

  Roger Ebert (right, with former longtime TV cohost Gene Siskel) died Thursday after a long battle with cancer. There are some beautiful obituaries, general reflections and older feature stories out there worth reading, so here's a roundup of some of the best:  EBERT ON EBERT  Here is Roger Ebert's final blog entry, which was posted on Tuesday night.   The last line:  "So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies."  This one is 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Pancaked

  And YOU get a pancake! And YOU get a pancake! And YOU get a pancake!   It blows my mind that show that keeps its contestants within a 5,000-square-foot indoor area and asks them to do things like cook eggs and scallops on a daily basis somehow sends more people to the emergency room than "thriller" reality shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor every season. For the third time in four episodes, we got a visit from the on-staff medic, whose name we need to learn 0

Matt vs. Jim: MLB Predictions

Each year, Matt and Jim make their preseason picks and, each year, they usually get one or two right. Here is this year's version.   MATT American League East: Tampa Central: Detroit West: Los Angeles Wild Card 1: Toronto Wild Card 2: Oakland Cy Young: Justin Verlander MVP: Prince Fielder Manager of the Year: Gibbons Rookie of the Year: Wil Myers  National League East: Washington Central: Cincinnati West: Los Angeles Wild Card 1: San Francisco Wild Card 2: Atlanta Cy Young: Strasburg MVP: Joey Votto Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson Rookie of the Year: Julio Teheran  World Series Matchup: Tampa vs. Washington Winner: Nats   JIM American League East: Toronto Central: Detroit West: Texas Wild 0

Amazing Race Recaps: Speed Trap

    In a leg where it seemed like teams' fates would be decided by horrible navigation issues and back-seat drivers, it was a big shock to me when the team that actually wound up losing fell victim to neither of those. Pam and Winnie didn't get lost (for once), didn't get caught in a Botswanan speed trap and didn't torment each other incessantly and yet still are gone. But we've still got Katie around, so yay for us.  After the teams had a pitstop bonding session watching 0

Survivor Recap: A Taste of Vanilla

  The long, slow walk to elimination  The person I was most excited to see entering this season of Survivor was Malcolm, one of my favorite-ever contestants and one of the only "favorites" that I would deem a "favorite." Plus the fact that he looks like this doesn't hurt either.  So imagine my surprise when I realized six or seven episodes in that the Survivor I most enjoy is not studly Malcolm but Cochran, everyone's favorite nerdy cartoon character. Cochran was a little over-the-top the last time out, 0