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Survivor Recap: Revenge of the Nerd 

 The man...the myth...the legend...the Cochran   As a former unpopular high school nerd who spends her free time watching and then writing about reality shows, you might say that I feel a connection with famed Survivor superfan Cochran, who spent his teen years watching Jeff Probst with his parents while wearing his own official buff, who wrote a paper in law school about the show, who drops references to Colby Donaldson and Rob Mariano the way Dennis Miller drops 1960s pop culture references in a football game. 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: My Super Sweet Fifteen

  Adorable, with still the glint of unstable craziness in his eyes.  After three straight episodes, you can stop holding your breath and get back to holding your breath because, ladies and gents, IT'S BACK. It's hard to believe that we've been able to survive three episodes in a row of Hell's Kitchen without the trusty TO BE CONTINUED..., but we persevered and now, look at us. Rewarded for all our patience. And good thing we have that patience because our reward is going to require a 0

Amazing Race Recap: Final Push

   And it's official: the Battaglia brothers did to their Amazing Race competition what Bates did to then-Senator, now-Bruin Wade Redden (sorry, Wade) and completely smashed them in the face. Kudos to the producers for attempting to make the final four, and then the final three, as even as possible with the help of limited flight options, and kudos to the good-natured brothers for still making the run to the finish line completely undramatic. It's nice to see a likeable team win and I can't wait 0

Survivor Recap: Two-fer

     By keeping its number of medevac victims and quitters comparatively low this season, Survivor was faced with too many remaining contestants and too few episodes left. Which means we get the always enjoyable double episode - complete with two Immunity Challenges, two scrambles for votes and threats of blindsides at camp and two Tribal Councils. It was double pleasure, double fun and double shirtless Cochran. And it's not even my birthday!  After Malcolm was eliminated last week, Reynold and Eddie returned to camp knowing they 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Steak 'Ems

   It's Steak Night at Hell's Kitchen and you know what that means: undercooked meat and awkward dissections of fairly intact animal carcasses. Yum!  After last week, Barret was thankful he was still around and did all the right things: He vowed to be better. He accepted his teammates' criticisms and peptalks. He shaved his head, playing Don Mattingly to Gordon Ramsay's Mr. Burns. He was ready to rock.  The women, meanwhile, were confident - rightfully so - and bordering on cocky. Sideburns Magoo and Old Man Ray 0

Amazing Race Recap: If It's Not Scottish, It's Crap!

    And so we have our final four teams going into next week's two-hour season finale of the Amazing Race: the self-anointed sexy six of Max, Katie, Bates, Anthony, Caroline and Jennifer and tough-as-nails roller derby moms Mona and Beth. Will Fiona Grapple and co. be able to bounce back from an hours-long deficit? Will Max and Katie continue their run of first-place finishes right up until the end? Will Bates and/or Anthony FINALLY get somewhere with Caroline and/or Jennifer?  Before we get there, we have to 1

Survivor Recap: G.O.A.T.

  "I am the greatest challenge competitor in Survivor: Caramoan. There's no debate. If you look at the scoreboard, I'm demolishing everybody." - John Cochran  Is Cochran's performance this season one of the greatest of all time? I suppose it all depends. Others have been slightly more dominant in challenges (I know, hard to believe) - I'm thinking of Tom Westman and even Malcolm's performance from last season. Others have been more obviously strategic (Boston Rob, Coach from last year). Others have been more social, of course. 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Mary the Master Meat Maker 

  If you're a Western Massachusetts Hell's Kitchen fan with ears and eyes, this might have been the greatest episode of Gordon Ramsay's funhouse yet. First, you had the pride of Belchertown, Mary Poehnelt, bounce back from some dicey services to completely dominate not one but TWO kitchens' meat stations. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS WOMAN AND HER MEAT-COOKING ABILITIES. She is trained with very sharp knives.  Secondly, we said good-bye to the world's least sympathetic team punching bag, Dan, whose poutiness and inability to stick pizzas 0

Amazing Race Recap: Ich Bin Ein Racer

    I'd like to officially nominate Berlin as the strangest, most randomly awesome city in the world. How easy would it have been for the producers of the Amazing Race to center this leg around the historical significance of the city, what with that whole Berlin Wall, east vs. west thing they had going for a few years? Instead, they relegated that stuff to a few trivia questions so we could see what Berlin is REALLY about: extreme sports, playing with trains, a love of font 0

Survivor Recap; Idols, Idols, All Around

 Power Alliance   Before watching this episode, I had fellow fans and online story headlines hailing it as one of the best, most shocking episodes ever. I got through most of the episode - through the Immunity Challenge - before taking a break and I have to say, I wondered about them. Sure, keeping tabs on Dawn's ever-fluctuating mental state was kind of fun, and yeah, having a competitor voluntarily sit out a challenge because of a vague childhood experience was a little weird, but best ever? 0