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MasterChef Recap: Gleeful

  Do not mess with Mama B.  Mysterious bags of Chinese hair. Severed digits. Not one but two Bastianiches. Wes Craven could not have produced a more terrifying episode of MasterChef this week.   Things started with the contestants learning who was and wasn't eliminated in last week's poached lobsterfest. When the doors opened and revealed Luca, everyone was happy to see Roberto Benigni, Jr. Well, everyone except Krissi, whose one friend on the show had been the eliminated Kathy. So sad.   Then the actual Mystery Box Challenge 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Relay Run

   If you're going to go out, you might as well go out with a bang. There are worse legs to get eliminated than one where you won a reward challenge (performing pretty solidly yourself), got a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, ate a lot of fancy caviar, and got touched on the leg by a good-looking lady. So what if you're not in the final five and aren't getting a black jacket? Things could be worse for Zacky Wacky.  But let's take it from the top. 0

MasterChef Recap: Under Pressure

  Some people work best under pressure - emergency room staff, firefighters, sportswriters on deadline. You know who else works well under pressure? Professional cooks. You know what the contestants of MasterChef are by definition? NOT professional cooks. So things got extra pressure-filled for a couple of the contestants who wound up going through not one, not two but three straight Pressure Tests in order for the judges to finally figure out who they wanted to eliminate, all three acting like gleeful big brothers savoring ripping 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: And Then There Were Six...

   While MasterChef tends to err of the side of putting what could be four different episodes on one night of television, Hell's Kitchen continues to torment us and streeeeeetch it out with a two-part episode consisting of...a challenge and a service. So yeah. I figured, since we didn't even learn who won the first individual challenge last week, I'd just hold off and give you two recaps in one. So grab a cup of tea, some undercooked lamb and settle in because you're going to 0

MasterChef Recap: Child's Play

   It was Ode to Baking Week on MasterChef, with challenges centering around cheesecake and cupcakes and even a dessert side dish in the team challenge. Were the judges having a bad day and needed some sweets? Was everyone celebrating National Donut Day a little early? I dunno, but I'd like a tower of cupcakes delivered to me posthaste, preferably by anyone but Malcolm.  But let's start at the top. And at the top, fittingly, is Graham in a funny hat driving a schoolbus because of course 0

MasterChef: Buy me some langoustine and lobster Crackerjacks, I don't care if I ever get back...

    Any reality competition show that starts off with massive auditions - entertaining for their human interest stories, crave-worthy for their embarrassing gimmickers - has to have that awkward transition episode where they have a mass elimination to get the contestants down to a manageable number. The first half of this week's MasterChef was that, starting where last week left off (the last few auditions) and finishing with the final 19, while the second half served as a de facto first episode with our final contestants.  The 1

From the wire: Ex-minor leaguer says baseball cheating lives

Garrett Broshuis was starting his sixth season in the minors, his career at a crossroads.  He was 27 and still had never pitched in the big leagues. The 2009 minor league camp for the San Francisco Giants didn’t offer much hope. There seemed no way to boost his flagging strikeout totals.  That’s when he got a bit of advice.  “I didn’t have an ‘out’ pitch. One way you can develop an ‘out’ pitch is by cheating,” he said. “One of the coaches kind of suggested 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Listen, All Y'all, It's a Sabotage 

  Oooo, boy, were there accusations of sabotaging flying all over the Hell's Kitchen joint this week. The three remaining guys accused the women of it by sticking them with Nedra (not entirely unfounded). Nedra accused the guys of it for not properly prepping her station and then having the gall to offer to help her with service (animals!). And then there was the actual sabotage attempt, when the remaining women on the red team didn't send up the night's worst chef, instead opting for someone 0

MasterChef Recap: Signs of Things to Come

   It's that time of year, where we relegate evil Chef Ramsay to the drawn-out cliffhangerfest that is Hell's Kitchen and welcome the warm and cuddly Gordon of MasterChef. For a show that is not nearly the phenomenon of other Ramsay reality shows, I have to say that MasterChef is one of my favorites and I'm eager for Junior MasterChef later this summer.  But I digress. As is often the case, the first episode was a series of auditions, with home chefs good (ancho chile tostada!), mediocre 0

Hell's Kitchen Recap: Double Time

  Meet Chef Grant Banks, solver of all of life's problems. Except poorly cooked meat.   It was a rough night for the manly men of Hell's Kitchen. The double episode saw not one, not two, but THREE members of the blue team get eliminated, not to mention yet another challenge loss (eight out of nine total). The three remaining guys better figure something out quick if they're going to prevent someone like Nedra or Susan from making the final leg, and I'm guessing that something is not 0