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Amherst College grad Doug Swift returns to White House with ’72 Dolphins

On August 20th, President Barack Obama addressed the accomplishments of more than thirty men in the East Room of the White House. Among those? Amherst alumnus Doug Swift ’70. Growing up in Syracuse, N.Y., there was only one option for Swift. Football. Surrounded by the sport throughout his adolescence, he never contemplated anything other than playing the game he loved. The son of two doctors, Swift opted to stay away from the medical field and pursue his dream. After a successful four-year campaign with the 1

A confession and a farewell

In honor of Jim Pignatiello’s last night at the Gazette, I have a confession that I don’t think I’ve ever told him. When we first became friends I didn’t know his name. Back when Atlantic 10 men’s basketball media day was in Philadelphia, I called down to the Collegian the night before and asked if Matt Sacco, a former Gazette intern, wanted to go with me to Philly. Honestly I was sick and didn’t feel up to making the trip solo. When I pulled into 0

The Baddest Show on TV Ends

   I went to a dinner the other night at a friend's house.   It was one of those parties where you know two or three people, but everyone else is a complete stranger.   My wife and I walk in and we’re just about to introduce ourselves, when a woman stops us.  “STOP,” she says as she opens both hands wide in the universal sign for stop where you are. And before we could ask why, she says, “I haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet. Our DVR broke the 0

Matt vs. Frank vs. Jim - Week 3

Here are our picks for this week. All three of us chose the same survivor team, which can only mean one thing: Bet on the Jaguars.  Follow along (or even join in) here.  Here we go:  Thursday, Sep. 19 Kansas City at Philadelphia, 8:25 MATT: Eagles FRANK: Chiefs JIM: Chiefs  Sunday, Sep. 22 San Diego at Tennessee, 1 MATT: Chargers FRANK: Chargers JIM: Titans  Arizona at New Orleans, 1 MATT: Saints FRANK: Saints JIM: Saints  St. Louis at Dallas, 1 MATT: Cowboys FRANK: Cowboys JIM: Cowboys  Cleveland at Minnesota, 1 MATT: Vikings FRANK: Vikings JIM: Vikings  Houston at Baltimore, 1 MATT: Texans FRANK: Texans JIM: Ravens  N.Y. Giants at Carolina, 1 MATT: Giants FRANK: Giants JIM: Giants  Detroit 0

Matt vs. Frank vs. Jim - NFL Picks Week 2

Here are this week's picks:  Thursday, Sept. 12 N.Y. Jets at New England, 8:25 Matt: Patriots Frank: Patriots Jim: Jets  Sunday, Sep. 15 Dallas at Kansas City, 1 Matt: Cowboys Frank: Cowboys Jim: Chiefs  Tennessee at Houston, 1 Matt: Texans Frank: Texans Jim: Texans  Washington at Green Bay, 1 Matt: Packers Frank: Packers Jim: Packers  Minnesota at Chicago, 1 Matt: Bears Frank: Bears Jim: Bears  St. Louis at Atlanta, 1 Matt: Falcons (Survivor) Frank: Falcons  Jim: Falcons (Survivor)  San Diego at Philadelphia, 1 Matt: Eagles Frank: Eagles Jim: Eagles  Miami at Indianapolis, 1 Matt: Colts Frank: Dolphins Jim: Colts  Cleveland at Baltimore, 1 Matt: Ravens Frank: Ravens (Survivor) Jim: Ravens  Carolina at Buffalo, 1 Matt: Bills Frank: Panthers Jim: Panthers  Detroit at Arizona, 4:05 Matt: Lions Frank: Lions Jim: Lions  New 0

49ers, Broncos remain atop AP Pro32 power rankings

The San Francisco 49ers gave up ground to the Denver Broncos while holding down the top spot in the AP Pro32 power rankings after the first week of the regular season. The 49ers earned seven first-place votes and 347 points in Tuesday’s poll after rallying to beat the Green Bay Packers over the weekend. The Broncos earned the other four first-place votes and 344 points after Peyton Manning’s virtuoso seven-touchdown performance sent them past the Baltimore Ravens in a rematch of last year’s dramatic AFC 0

Matt vs. Frank vs. Jim: NFL Picks Week 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The NFL is back and the E2 blog's weekly picks are as well. This year, Matt and Jim will be joined by E2 NFL columnist Frank Pettengill in our weekly picks. You can follow along (or even join in!) each week here.  Before we get to the picks for Week 1, I wanted to A) make our Super Bowl picks official and B) point out that we are including a survivor pool pick each week to allegedly 0

MasterChef Recap: Holy Calamari

   You know what stinks? Getting eliminated from a reality show focusing on your dream career. You know what REALLY stinks? Getting eliminated twice in the span of four weeks. Bri, we hardly knew ye. Again.  Things started with a Team Challenge, something we haven't seen for awhile since the whole re-adding a previously eliminated contestant messed up the balance. And things STILL look uneven, since the gathered contestants at the roof of some Los Angeles building only amount to five. A quiet five. My goodness, someone 0

MasterChef Recap: Fowl Times

   Before we talk about chasing around live poultry and whether a turkey is harder to cook than a quail, I want to take this moment to talk about Walmart. Have you heard of Walmart? Big store, lots of aisles, no organization whatsoever? Did you know that Walmart sells groceries? And not just groceries, but STEAK? Walmart steak is pretty much the best steak this side of Texas. It's full of Walmarty goodness, which I'm guessing tastes like something between Fritos and Dr. Thunder soda. Walmart!  OK, 0

Extra: Dropkick Murphys interivew outtakes 

  I had a collection of good quotes and anecdotes from Dropkick Murphys drummer Matt Kelly that didn't make it into my story on the band that's running in Thursday's arts section previewing Friday's show at Mountain Park. Here's a peek at the outtakes: The story focuses a lot on how the band has become part of the sports scene in New England. They were in Europe when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011. One of the band member's wives had a sling 0