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Margaret Lobenstine: An approach to her end of life

To the editor:

I was thrilled to read the affirming story about Lee Hawkins approach to life and death. I would just like to add another way of looking at the end of life. So many people say things like, “Well, she still has days she enjoys and events she likes to go to,” as if the only time to die is when one has nothing left. I prefer to relate to my physical self more like a car. I don’t usually drive my car until the transmission finally goes. Rather, I keep an eye on the mileage and before I have to have it in the shop too many times, I trade it in. I would rather leave this world while I am still well enough to have days I enjoy and events I like to go to, rather than waiting until I’ve lost almost everything. Why not go on a beautiful fall day that I am fully enjoying, if I’ve had a good eighty years (or whatever), have lots of wonderful memories and little to regret, and my children are fully grown with lives of their own?

Margaret Lobenstine



'Can I take control before it takes control of me?': Northampton woman plans how she will die

Monday, June 17, 2013

NORTHAMPTON - City resident Eleanor “Lee” Hawkins is sitting at her dining room table with her children, Sue Hawkins, 58, and Jerry Hawkins, 55, early one evening in June, talking about a subject many families find almost too painful to discuss: death. Hawkins, 89, lives at the Lathrop Communities’ Bridge Road campus. Her three children — Sue, Jerry, and Becky …

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I agree. If only there was an easy way to do it.

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