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Your Time: Childs Park, Northampton

  • Beth Harness.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Pond lilies<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Rose garden<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Rhododendron<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Evelyn and Fred Lima<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Manny Prak<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Group<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Declan Zoledziewski, Autumn Ross<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Ellie Mahoney, left and Remy Gutterman.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Elizabeth Thulin untangles Ruby, her poodle, from her leash during a walk in Childs Park in Northampton June 5, 2013.<br/>AYRIKA WHITNEY
  • Center, from left: Sarah Dobrow, Sage Loomis, Heather Giguere<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Lisa Weremeichik, left, and Roz Chapman.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Anna Strowe and Rachel Martin.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Anne Strowe, left, and Rachel Martin enjoy Childs Park in Northampton last June.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Oliver Armstrong, 4, of Florence runs with his grandmother's dog, Salty, at Childs Park in Northampton June 3, 2013. <br/>AYRIKA WHITNEY
  • Daniel Corbett, Rachel Corbett<br/>JERREY ROBERTS
  • Beth Harness.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Beth Harness.<br/>KEVIN GUTTING
  • Rose garden<br/>JERREY ROBERTS

Childs Park in Northampton is many things to many people, but it is rarely boisterous or crowded. It is characterized as “an oasis of serenity in the heart of the city” by The Childs Park Foundation, which manages and maintains the park of 40 acres bequeathed by Annie Childs in 1950. It is a private park for the public to enjoy. One corner of the triangular park does see its share of excitement once a year when it becomes unoffical host to a ritual pre-prom gathering of students in formal attire and proud parents snapping pictures. But for the other 364 days, it remains a place of respite and, per park rules, no organized games. “I like that it’s peaceful and quiet, and people enjoy it in a nature-focused way,” said Roz Chapman of Northampton.

Fred and Evelyn Lima, who celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary May 30, were walking in the park on a recent Saturday, as they have many times over the past 30 years. “This is the most beautiful place we could think of,” Fred Lima said. “We love it here.”

Legacy Comments1

I lived on Woodlawn Ave growing up going to local schools and the high school across Elm Street. We roamed the park in most of the 50's and early 60's, the freedom of youth, winds to our backs, footballs flying in the air. Those memories are time locked in all our minds, the pictures bring them all back. A great article down memory lane of days gone by.... FGR

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