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The Gazette News Quiz

1 Why did about 300 Amherst residents brave the cold last Friday night to turn out on the town common?

(a) They were gathering to confront rowdy, drunken college students.

(b) They thought Town meeting was being held there.

(c) No reason. The common is just a popular place.

(d) They wanted to witness the annual Merry Maple tree-lighting ceremony.

2 How did organizers of the Hot Chocolate Run manage to prepare 500 gallons of the beverage to give to participants?

(a) They blended it in 20-gallon pasta pots at Spoleto.

(b) They cooked it over an open fire in the Meadows.

(c) They stirred it with a kayak paddle in a vat at the Northampton Brewery.

(d) They drew it from a leased tanker truck.

3 Why was Stephen Platt, a historian at UMass, awarded $75,000 recently?

(a) He was owed that by the state in pay raises negotiated in 1964.

(b) He won the 2012 Cundill Prize in History for his book, “Summer in the Hellish Prefecture: Brazil, the East and Not-So Epic Story of the Amazon River Wars.”

(c) He was awarded the contract for sweeping the Mullins Center after basketball games.

(d) He won the 2012 Cundill Prize in History for his book, “Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, the West and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War.”

4 A new student group at Harvard University gained official recognition from the school last week. What is its focus?

(a) Strengthening public higher education in Massachusetts.

(b) Celebrating the political career of former Gov. Mitt Romney.

(c) Promoting kinky sex practices.

(d) Saving historic campus buildings from the threat of rising sea levels.

5 “I’ve done a lot of small significant things and a few pretty major things.” Who said this?

(a) Bill Belichick.

(b) Albert Einstein.

(c) Snoop Dogg.

(d) U.S. Rep. John Olver, who is preparing to retire early next month after more than two decades in Congress.

6 Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse continues to manage his way through turbulence over his reversal on casinos by doing what?

(a) Deleting posts from his Facebook page.

(b) Reminding people he is 23.

(c) Adopting the nickname “Lucky.”

(d) Inviting area officials to a meeting this month.

7 “This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.” Who said this?

(a) That annoying teen girl in the cellphone commercial, who keeps screaming for what seems like hours after opening her gift.

(b) President Obama, on his re-election.

(c) The couple who split the $587.5 million Powerball prize.

(d) A Hadley woman, Beryl Ohlson, 71, who met her half brother for the first time Wednesday.

8 What is the name of the men’s group affiliated with the Enrichment Center of Easthampton’s Council on Aging?

(a) The Rip Van Wrinkles Society.

(b) Wise Blood.

(c) Curmudgeon and Procrastination Society.

(d) Easthampton Men’s Caucasian Chalk Circle.

9 What are now installed in all UMass dorm rooms?

(a) High-speed Internet and cable TV connections.

(b) Bookshelves. Just in case.

(c) Beer kegs.

(d) Sprinklers.

10 A $725,700 bridge repair job in Northampton made news this week because the project is ...

(a) ... the only infrastructure job left to tackle in Massachusetts.

(b) ... five months ahead of schedule.

(c) ... five months behind schedule.

(d) ... the only infrastructure job tackled this year in Massachusetts.

Answers: 1-d; 2-c; 3-d; 4-c; 5-d; 6-d; 7-d; 8-c; 9-d; 10-b

Monte’s answer: b

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