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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Caveat emptor stomachus

One of the things I like about writing this column is that when I have a beef about something, I can complain to you all and get it off my chest. I try not to do this a lot so that I won’t be classified as a whiner. I hate whiners and don’t want to be one. So if I start to sound like a whiner let me know and I’ll change my ways. But once in a while I see or experience something I need to share. So thanks for listening (like you have a choice).

Here is my beef. (Where did that expression come from?) The other day I was getting a sandwich at a local deli. The woman who was serving me had those clear, throwaway gloves on that servers often wear these days. I ordered my sandwich. Then the store phone rang. She answered it, someone wanted to know if there was still soup left or something. She went over, still in the gloves, and lifted up both soup lids. Being late in the day the lids had probably been touched by hundreds of hands. She came back, picked up the phone and answered said question and hung up. Time for new gloves, right? I guess not because she made my sandwich picking up all the food with those same old dirty gloves.

I wanted to say something. Did I? No, I just took my sandwich and ate it and survived. But in my head I was screaming CHANGE THOSE DAMN GLOVES!

I thought she should have changed them after picking up the phone. I think those gloves are supposed to be for our protection, not the sandwich maker’s.

So please, food servers: Change the gloves after touching the phone or anything else that may have been exposed to the general public. Or better yet just wash your hands.

— Lucy

I think you’d be better served (so to speak) if you just close your eyes whenever you leave your house.

It’s a dirty world out there, but somebody’s got to make the sandwich you order.

I do believe the Latin phrase “caveat emptor stomachus” pertains to your situation. It loosely translates into “hungry buyer beware.”

— Lou

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