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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Gazpacho

Lou: I made some gazpacho for a small get-together Wednesday and the general (and specific) consensus was that it was pretty good.

Fresh, thick, zesty, nourishing. Eaten out of paper cups with plastic spoons. Oh lazy baby. Oh lazy baby.

I had also made eggplant Parmesan, potato salad and Boston baked beans.

Looking back at the feedback (appropriate word, don’t you think?), the gazpacho earned the most raves. Considering the fact that it was the easiest to make makes gazpacho a go-to party staple for the future.

I blended the idea of basic vegetable gazpacho with the almond-bread variation seen so much in Spain.

Here’s how easy it was to make:

Chop up a couple of large fresh tomatoes. Chop up a red and yellow pepper. Peel, seed and chop up a large cuke. Chop up an onion. Chop up some scallions. Smash a peeled garlic clove.

It all goes into a blender. Hit the button. Let it run for a minute or two until thick and smooth. Add about a half-cup of really good olive oil, add a glug of sherry or balsamic vinegar, add a touch of salt and pepper. Add some sliced almonds, add a stale hot dog roll (or other stale bread), Purée until thick and smooth. Chill at least overnight.

That’s it. Done. Finito.

Feel free to throw in fresh herbs, other fresh veggies. Whatever. Do not add any tomato juice. Absolutely no need to do that. A touch of water is sufficient if you want it thinner.

Lucy: Gazpacho is the perfect soup for you Lou.

1. You get to use your blender. 2. You can throw just about anything you want in it and no one will know. 3. It tastes good.

Whenever I have gazpacho I think of my ex-ex stepmother (Yes ex-ex. But that’s another story.) She used to make a gazpacho salad. It had all the ingredients of gazpacho but chopped and layered in a glass bowl. I have searched for that recipe and have never found it. This was back in the 70s. I have tried to recreate it but it never tasted quite the same. Maybe I can’t recreate it because it was from the 70s. Some of those memories are kind of hazy.

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