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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Addicted to anchovies

*Lou Groccia and Lucy Pickett, the Gazette’s self-described food experts, can’t stop chewing the fat.*

How much do I love anchovies? Let me count the ways.

Right now there resides in my well-stocked fridge:

e_SBltFive 2-ounce oval-shaped tins of anchovies in olive oil. For my everyday cooking needs. That’s about 12 per tin.

e_SBltThree 5.29-ounce glass jars of marinated white anchovies. That’s about 30 of the little beauties per jar. These are also called “boquerones” in Spanish. They are delicious in salads, on bread, on crackers.

e_SBltThree 3.35-ounce glass jars of oil-packed anchovies. That’s about 20 of the aforementioned little beauties per jar.

e_SBltTwo 6.7-ounce glass jars of anchovies in salt. That’s about 35 of the still little beauties per jar. They are also delicious in salads, on bread, on crackers. They are also superb as a base for spaghetti sauce and all kinds of stews.

e_SBltOne 4.94-ounce glass jar of anchovy cream. Delicious spread on toast.

e_SBltOne 4.32-ounce vacuum-packed, flat container of salted anchovies. That’s about 12 of the aforementioned little beauties.

e_SBltA 32-ounce bottle of premium fish sauce in the fridge. This is a Southeast Asian sauce made from fermented anchovies. Very strong stuff and to be handled with a light touch.

Of course the reason I have so many anchovy products is that they add a wonderful fullness of flavor to whatever you are cooking. That taste is called umami. Other items that offer umami include Parmesan, mushrooms, MSG among many other ingredients.

Once you start cooking with anchovies, there’s no turning back.

I mean, can there be anything better tasting than homemade pizza with anchovies?

— Lou

Yes, I can think of a few things.

I do like anchovies — in moderation — but I think you need to go to AA, Anchovies Anonymous that is. You need some help with your apparent addiction.

I do not have any anchovies in my house. I should though, because sometimes I get a hankering for Caesar salad, which should have an anchovy or two in the dressing and perhaps a couple for garnish. In a pinch, I will put a splash of fish sauce to impart a “je ne sais quoi” to the dressing.

— Lucy

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