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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Food karma

*Lou Groccia and Lucy Pickett, the Gazette’s self-proclaimed food experts, can’t stop chewing the fat.*

Whenever we have company over for dinner, I make it a point of sending them home with enough food for a meal the next night.

It makes the company feel good and, just as importantly, makes me feel good as well. I also believe it creates good food-karma because people are always giving me food items of one sort or another.

Cases in point, from just the past few months:

Lucy, you gave me a couple of turkey meatballs in sauce that you wanted me to try. That was Wednesday.

On Tuesday I came home to find a grocery bag at our front door. I brought it in and inside was a fresh-baked loaf of bread from our next-door neighbors to our left: Thanking us for helping them with the shoveling this winter.

Earlier this year, we were given a King Mardi Gras Cake from our neighbors three houses to our left: For having given them some of my homemade guanciale.

Dishes full of brownies and snickerdoodles also found their way to our house, courtesy of our next-door neighbors to our right.

In the fridge sits a jar of capers fresh from Greece, courtesy of a longtime friend who travels there each summer. She’s also the same person who gives us fresh oregano from Greece each time she comes back.

Also in the fridge is a glass jar of duck fat, donated to the cause by two of our closest friends.

Just remember: It’s always better to give than receive, especially with the bounce-back effect.

I’m still waiting for the box of homemade pizzelles from my sister, though. After all, she sent some to my mother-in-law weeks ago!

— Lou

Well, aren’t you special. Nobody ever gives me food, usually the opposite is true. Actually, though, I sometimes get food when friends or family are cleaning out the fridge before they go on vacation.

I guess you owe me some food now that I gave you those meatballs. Food-karma coming my way.

— Lucy

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