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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers

Looking for new potato recipes?

Here’s one that I made last Saturday. It was fun to make, tasted pretty good and wasn’t too fattening.

I came across the recipe on the Web and the picture of the finished dish was so mouth-watering I had to make it.

Track down two or three very large Idaho potatoes. These are usually sold separately. Each potato can weigh as much as a pound.

Slice off the ends and sides, leaving you with a rectangle about three inches square by four inches long. Save the ends to bake with the dish you’re creating.

Then use a mandoline or very sharp knife and slice off one-eighth pieces lengthwise.

This will leave you with a stack of thin potato slices, sort of like a small deck of cards.

Fan this out on an oiled cookie sheet so they are overlapping slightly. Dot with clarified butter (regular butter if you don’t want to go to the hassle of making the clarified stuff but the clarified stuff will not burn at a high temperature in the oven).

Lightly sprinkle with kosher salt and bake for 30 or 40 minutes at 425 degrees.

Keep an eye on it. The edges will turn nicely browned while the center stays soft and creamy. If a knife can slide through the thickest part without resistance, you’re done.

Remove from oven, remove from cookie sheet.

Place on a plate and enjoy.

Like they say, these spuds are for you!

— Lou

You say potato, I say potatah. Actually I don’t say potatah. But you being from Worcester probably say pahtater.

I forgot to buy potatoes for the big-storm stock up. I tried to avoid the stores. You think the blizzard is scary!

If I need anything I will just ski over to your house and borrow it.

— Lucy

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