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Lou & Lucy’s Leftovers: Forgotten food relics

I’ve been eating out of my freezer for the past few weeks and boy are my arms cold. (Sorry, it had to be said.)

Having celebrated New Year’s Day with my wife and a friend by having Hoppin’ John and collard greens and fried okra and cornbread (all traditional New Year’s Day foods that double as good-luck charms Southerners have relied on for centuries ... not that it helped with the Civil War), I decided it was time to start using all the unlabeled frozen blocks in my freezer. It was time to clear room for more unlabeled frozen blocks of food in the new year.

Here’s just an actual sampling of things that have thawed out that actually resemble foods we actually have eaten: leftover cooked turkey, homemade chicken stock, homemade Italian gravy, leftover ham slices, a pork tenderloin, English muffins, flounder fillets, shrimp and cooked pinto beans. I even used some chopped up frozen lemons and limes in water instead of ice cubes.

That pretty much took care of the bottom of the freezer. Still have the crammed-packed top shelf of the freezer to go through. Should be exciting to uncover forgotten food relics from the past year. Or even longer. I know I still have some cured pork jowl up there and some thick strip steaks and some homemade lobster stock and even some casseroles with who knows what in them.

I know, I know, Lucy. I can hear you now, chastising me to label your food!

All right, all ready. Labeling it is!

First up: A label on the freezer door that says, “I hope your arms don’t get cold.”

— Lou

You should have a party and try to cook all your leftovers into creative dishes for some of your friends.

Just adhere to these 3 rules:

1. You must know what it is

2. No food processors allowed

3. Don’t tell the cold arms joke again.

— Lucy

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