Your Photos: ‘Camouflage moth’ in Hadley

Friday, September 08, 2017

Pete Schoenberger of Hadley checked in with these photos of a moth he found at his home in Hadley. He had this to say:

“I’ve lived in the Pioneer Valley for over 50 years and have observed many interesting butterflies and moths but never one like this that we found in the daytime on the inside of a screen window in our Hadley garage.

I jokingly said it should be called a ‘camouflage moth’ as it looked like it had been painted by the U.S. Army. When I Googled “camouflage moth” some amateur websites called it that but Wikipedia identified it as a Pandora sphinx moth (Eumorpha pandorus), also called the pandorus sphinx moth. It’s a large, greenish gray moth with darker patches and pink edges and small pink eyespots. It has a wingspan of 3¼ to 4½ inches and flies during dusk.

We prodded it gently to see if it was alive and it barely moved. I was concerned that it might have become dehydrated while stuck in the garage so as dusk approached I took it out into the yard, moistened it with water and left it on a tall tomato plant. It was gone the next morning so I assume it flew off after dark.

Very cool!”


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