Valley Views: Hooded Merganser

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hooded Merganser

Enoch Sanford Road, Belchertown

Photograph and text by Anne E. Ely, South Hadley

At this time of the year I look forward to seeing the ducks arriving on the open waters. One spot I like to frequent is Enoch Sanford Road which is a right hand turn just before the bridge which crosses the Swift River on Route 9 in Belchertown. The road runs along close to the river on the south side of Route 9 and can be a good spot to see ducks, providing there aren’t too many fishermen around. It is a popular fishing spot.

I find I have the best luck capturing images from the car window. I captured this colorful male hooded merganser in that manner in mid-February using my DSLR camera and a medium length telephoto lens. Even as my car approached it was high tailing it away. Had I climbed out it would have taken flight before I even had one leg out of the car … been there, done that!

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