Tobias Baskin: Cause of fear needs to be discovered, disarmed

Sunday, March 05, 2017
Cause of fear needs to be discovered, disarmed

Here is a thought experiment relevant to a recent Valley controversy.

Imagine walking into elementary school and being greeted by a dentist, clad in a white coat and beckoning to a chair and drill. Imagine the creepy feeling seeping down your spine. If you are a child who trembles before the dentist, would this encounter help ease your mind? Unlikely.

Instead, the cause of your fear needs to be discovered and disarmed. Probably, your fear is partly irrational, like fear of spiders, as well as rational, based on a past, unfortunate incident.

Yes, one must admit, a dentist sometimes causes pain. By the way, this admission would never be construed as an attack on the profession of dentistry.

Now, replace dentist with police officer and chair and drill with handcuffs and gun.

Tobias Baskin