Susan Lantz: ‘Pat-RIOT’s’ day march to protest military budget

Monday, March 20, 2017
‘Pat-RIOT’s’ day march to protest military budget

Friends of Frances Crowe, longtime inveterate activist for all things just, peaceful and equal, called a group of us together a few weeks ago.

She announced it was time for a loud anti-war action; a call to demand peace. Other pressing issues, especially climate change, are greatly impacted by war.

With over half of our discretionary federal budget allocated to the military (plus a suggested $54 billion increase in the current budget), we must shine a light once again on this behemoth which is devouring our planet, its people, our humanity, our decency.

Quickly, we decided April 17 was the day for action. Not only is it Patriots Day in Massachusetts, it’s the day before our federal taxes are due. We’ll have a pat-RIOT’s day march to stop war and cut the military budget.

Who are the Friends of Frances? I think it’s safe to say anyone who knows Frances, has seen her in action and has heard of her long (she turned 98 on March 15, the Ides of March) inspired anti-war, pro-democracy activities, is a Friend of Frances.

So join us on April 17 at 11 a.m. at the Bridge Street School for a pat-RIOT’s march down Main Street with Frances in the lead to Pulaski Park. Bring your banners, signs (no sticks, please), your high spirits, your cheers, your fury, your worry, your hope, your courage and your determination to keep our country true to its values of welcoming all and working toward a more inclusive, moral and equal society.

At Pulaski Park we will speak up and sing out with our anti-war peace “riot.” It is time to remember that peace is patriotic, that dissent is patriotic and money is needed for human needs, not war and militarism.

All Friends of Frances, we want you there.

Susan Lantz