Stephen Lentner: Tell prevaricators pants ablaze with lies

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Most adults and even children know that lies often beget more lies. That is to say that prevarication often requires additional fabrications to back up the original.

It is often a lost cause resulting in exposure, embarrassment and loss of credibility. Some politicians continue to ignore this reality and hope to get away with whatever falsehoods they have related.

A prime example is President Tweets, who has told so many fibs, his staff cannot keep up with the denials and explanations. Their last resort is to call the disproving of his many whoppers “fake news” or “alternative facts.”

Voters may accept a certain amount of exaggeration from their elected representatives, but this White House has raised the level of mendacity to an Orwellian scale. It’s as if this guy wouldn’t know if his pants were on fire and, more concerning, that he doesn’t even care.

He is not alone. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and others are telling some really big ones regarding their so-called health care bill. It has little to do with health care and much to do with directing billions of taxpayer dollars to already very wealthy people.

Call, text or write to these prevaricators. Let them know that you can see their pants and they are ablaze with lies you will not accept.

Stephen Lentner