Silas James, Noa Rubinstein, and Magsy Lombard: Young climate activists urge action

Sunday, March 12, 2017
Young climate activists urge action

We are speaking for a small but growing group of young climate activists who have become increasingly aware of the challenges that climate change poses to us, both individually and as a species.

We are concerned about the dangers global warming will present to the planet in the future. Many of us went to the town hall with Sen. Edward Markey, and deeply enjoyed hearing him speak about how he would address goals such as immigration rights, abortion rights, and the regulation of the fossil fuel industry.

Markey explained that now — since the EPA is controlled by Scott Pruitt, who does not believe in global warming and also has three lawsuits against the EPA, which he refuses to postpone even though he now runs the agency — we will need to promote climate action, from the federal level to grassroots organizations.

We hope that more politicians, including Republicans, can step up to fight Pruitt, fossil fuels and climate change. We also hope that more grassroots climate-action organizations will form to continue the fight for our planet.

We invite more young people to join us. Start by subscribing to our Google group: MassClimateYouth+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Silas James, 11; Noa Rubinstein, 12; and Magsy Lombard, 15