Rutherford H. Platt: Next shoe to fall may be final one

Sunday, June 04, 2017
Next shoe to fall may be final one

Thank you for publishing Dr. Marty Nathan’s timely and detailed critique of President Donald Trump’s anti-environmental agenda (“Marching for truth in Northampton,” June 1).

The White House is indeed spinning “a dizzying web of fabrication” that changes from day to day, and from speaker to speaker.

Nathan’s analysis was promptly confirmed by Trump’s decision to withdraw this nation from the Paris climate agreement in defiance of 1) the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists, 2) international and domestic outrage, and 3) common sense. What planet does he live on?

The next shoe to fall may be the final one. If Trump is this oblivious to the fate of the world’s habitabililty, why would he have any compunctions about using “his” nuclear arsenal? During his infamous phone call with the Philippine dictator Rodrigo Duterte on April 29, they chitchatted about North Korea. Trump characteristically bragged: “We have a lot of firepower over there. We have two nuclear submarines (classified information?) — not that we want to use them at all. ... But he could be crazy so we will see what happens. ... Just take care of yourself and we will take care of North Korea.”

Talk about crazy.

Rutherford H. Platt