Rufus Chaffee: Cites integrity of Northampton community

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Cites integrity of Northampton community

Hat’s off to the integrity of the Northampton community. I recently lost my wallet downtown, apparently beside my car in a parking space.

Anxiety roared and I searched in several locations to no avail. Starting to give up with the first step, I closed my bank card and got a new one next morning.

Then I got a call from customer service at the Big Y supermarket. She said my wallet was at Bruegger’s Bagels on Main Street. An anonymous young person found it and took it to Bruegger’s. Its manager saw my Big Y Silver Card and called the Big Y. Her information enabled the Big Y to call and tell me the story.

What a relief and renewed faith in neighborly Northampton. I quickly retrieved it and found it intact, nothing missing.

A big thanks and esteem for that young person. Great appreciation for the community service attitude at Bruegger’s and the Big Y. You have confirmed my faith in shopping where local interest prevails.

Rufus Chaffee